Chinese dragon coin

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  1. What the heck is this? When was it made and what is it worth?
    Ding test sounds like silver. Set side by side with the magnet sticking fakes, this one is much sharper and clear. 20181207_210707.jpg 20181207_210655.jpg 20181207_210727.jpg
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    In this case, the numbers on the coin, 7 and 2 (in kanji: 7=七 2=二 ) are indications of the denomination of the coin, not the date. There are a lot of fakes out there, both modern and contemporary, although yours weighs about right. Here is the Numista page for this coin (although
    your coin does not have a Chinese zodiacal year indicator, so am not sure is this in itself would indicate a fake, or just that yours is another variety.I know some of the other provinces minted coins in 1908 that did not have year indicators, just not sure about Kiangnan.
    Also you could post your pictures on the Numista site, and see what members there have to say.
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