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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Salesrep, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Salesrep

    Salesrep Senior Member

    Check out the shipping on this e-bay auction. I am understanding of high shipping charges but this is a bit much.

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  3. jman985

    jman985 New Member

    WOW!!!! Makes you wonder what this person is thinking???
  4. Metalman

    Metalman New Member


    Thats the way a low down dirty crook makes himself feel honest, this form of shipping rips ebay off for there ending sales fee, I also like the description, in that the serial numbers will not match the one pictured.

  5. Bacchus

    Bacchus Coin Duffer

    Plenty of folks here will be along to defend it ! :p
  6. EagleEyed

    EagleEyed New Member

    This person is thinking that if they start an auction at 99 cents and have a shipping/handling fee that is what they REALLY want the auction to start at, they will end up paying ebay a percentage of a couple of bucks rather than a percentage of over a hundred bucks. This approach can save the seller money. The problems are:

    1. The bidders may not notice the s/h fee and bid the amount up to where the auction would normally be, thus paying twice as much as they intended.

    2. It is dishonest. Basically the point is to rip ebay off. It is against ebay rules and can get a seller banned from ebay if caught.

    3. It shows that a seller is shady. I would not bid on such an auction because now I know the seller is not an honest person, and if they are willing to rip ebay, I bet they are willing to rip a bidder off as well. :mad:
  7. ranchhand

    ranchhand Coin Hoarder

    I went ahead and reported it...
    Thats one of the bad things about ebay, they basicly force users to make sure others are honest...
  8. nds76

    nds76 New Member

    Just terrible, what an *******! Talk about fee advoidance!
  9. line_grade

    line_grade Member

    shipping charges

    This is a complete fraud. I have bought and sold hundreds of items on ebay and have never charged more that $15.00 for an item. (and that was for a complete proof set from 1955 to 2004). I suppose it was the sellers intent to hope that any potential bidders would overlook the shipping price and therefor double his or her money for this item.
    E-bay has it's good points and bad points for anyone in the coin collecting hobbie or for anything else for that matter. This is one example of some individual that is an out and out thief and should be " flogged in the town square" for this rip-off. I appreciate the disclosure of the item and description for this individual and I've put him/her in my "never to bid on" list for the future.
  10. nds76

    nds76 New Member

    I'm surprised there were actually people stupid enough to bid!
  11. Denver Dave

    Denver Dave New Member

    My first thought is "Typo"

    All his S/H/I charges in the past 20 completed auctions are under $5.00...

    But I would defiantly get clarification form the sell before I bid...
  12. satootoko

    satootoko Retired

    I disagree.

    1. He says "PLESE NOTE THE S/H FEE" and

    2. He tells you he's showing one coin and planning to send you a different one.

    He's ripping off both the buyer and EBay. :mad:
  13. cdb1950

    cdb1950 Senior Member

    Usually, I will give the Ebay seller the benefit of the doubt with high shipping costs, but this is way off the deep end and I have to agree with everyone else here, this is blatant fee avoidance. I suspect Ebay will pick up on this pretty soon and put a stop to it.
  14. Denver Dave

    Denver Dave New Member

    You'll might be correct But I can hardly believe anyone would pay that shipping charge under any circumstance...

    One thing I missed... it was a one day auction and is now closed... :rolleyes:

    Certainly a strange auction but you never know what's going to show up next in Ebay Land...
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