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    Hello all,

    I just saw this section and thought I’d and
    my store name on eBay as well as some coins I will be listing tonight! I try to get better dates and key dates as well as a bit higher grades. All coins are ran in auction style and start fairly low usually under 10$ start depending if graded or other aspects. Lost my job to the pandemic so I turned my hobby into a small time business, please let me know what you all think!

    The pictures of the coins listed will go live through 8-9pm Pacific.
    eBay store:

    0FD210DF-6DD9-4802-80FB-1E0647C7D8BA.jpeg B793FA47-63B2-485F-AD58-7B854168CE78.jpeg
    View attachment 1194420 View attachment 1194421 FA147896-8CB7-4B3E-AEEC-73F796DBE3EE.jpeg 7476A0B5-0AAD-44D3-9CF6-352D61383B22.jpeg F917F621-E16E-49AE-9752-D427DDE9DE8A.jpeg C083B9CF-F9FE-4C0C-AED3-96D9D939E3F6.jpeg 1F952BC6-D89C-4E29-AC0A-0F95DABCFCE4.jpeg 22C0FEA8-939F-4546-83BA-31074291DAA9.jpeg 01645921-5A22-4592-B738-9BCBF398AED7.jpeg 326C1098-0438-44E2-A635-7080568568CB.jpeg
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