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    Dear all,

    I recently bought this one from Savoca, thinking it was a Celtic imitation of an Alexander drachm. In hand, it turns out that it is indeed an official postumous issue from Abydus (301–297 BC, Price 1579, for more info, see here). The reverse was probably weakly struck to begin with and saw some wear afterwards. Obverse and surfaces are lovely, though.

    I already have a better official Alexander drachm, so this one unfortunately has to go again. Since I got it cheap and am simply trying to break even, I'm selling it for only $24 plus shipping ($4 with tracking in the US). I can send you a copy of the Savoca receipt toghether with the coin if you'd like that.

    Swap proposals (ancient or medieval) are most welcome, too!

    Alexander drachm.png
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