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    I have the following:

    - 3 unplated Lincoln cents (MS63, MS64, and MS65 all ANACS in old small, white holders)

    MS63 - Beautiful light grey. Solid separated steps on the Memorial.
    1209181600_HDR.jpg 1209181600a_HDR.jpg

    MS64 - Dark yet has a beautiful Mint Luster; strong separated steps on the Memorial. 1209181603_HDR.jpg 1209181604_HDR.jpg

    MS65 - Great light blue tint and great eye appeal.
    1209181555_HDR.jpg 1209181556_HDR.jpg

    - 2 Off-centers

    1997-D Cent (Mint State, Uncertified)
    1209181606a_HDR.jpg 1209181607_HDR.jpg

    1999-D Nickel 65% Off-center Uniface (MS66 by NGC) - Amazing strike and beautiful grey color. Sharp, full 4-digit date and mintmark.
    Screenshot_2018-12-09-16-38-00~2.png 1209181533a_HDR.jpg

    Inbox me offers and/or questions.
    ~Joe Cronin
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