Carolus III 1776???

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Timbollew, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Timbollew

    Timbollew New Member

    Hi, I found this coin and I was wondering if I someone could give me some general information on it as I know nothing about coins. It has a picture of who i'm assuming is Carolus the III and he is facing my right. Around the outside of the bust it says "CAROLUS.III.DEI.GRATIA.1776". On the reverse side is some kind of seal or coat of arms or something and then the writing around it says "HISPAN.ET IND.REX.M(with an o above it).8R.F.M." If anymore information is needed then please let me know. I will try to get pics soon and post them.

    I would be grateful for any information (AND POSSIBLY A VALUE :D).

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  3. rick

    rick Coin Collector

    Hello. sounds like it's an 8 reales from mexico, minted under the spanish crown.

    the M with the o above it is the mint mark for mexico.

    1776 is obviously a popular year, but it's not a terribly rare year for this type of coin. The 8 reales in this date is special to some people, because the Reale was generally accepted currency at the time, in the united states.

    The pic will help with any sort of value, but as with all things, the value given here is more or less a guess based on information from resources, and general experience (in other words mileage may vary).

    The Reale issues are my favorite, so I look forward to seeing your images.

    By the way - Welcome to the Forum!
  4. Timbollew

    Timbollew New Member


    Thanks for the information Rick, very interesting. I have got pics here, I apoligise that the pics are not very clear as I had to use my camera phone to take them, also the coin is dark as it is very tarnished and I'm a bit scared to clean it with anything incase I damage it in anyway.

    Thanks again, Timbollew.

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  5. rick

    rick Coin Collector

    EEP! Don't clean it! Leave it juuuuust the way it is. Dark toning on these issues is sometimes preferable to the brilliant white that people like in Morgan dollars. If you clean it, even dip it to remove the tarnish, you will only adversely effect the resale value. My advise to you, is to slap that coin in a holder to protect it, and leave it be.

    I would also suggest you take it to a coin dealer or experienced collector and ask them to take a look... These coins can have a high counterfeit ratio (particularly popular dates that sell well). I envy your phone camera abilities, because it's better than I can manage with those things - but I still can't make out enough details.

    It is definately an 8 reale from mexico - or supposed to be.
  6. Timbollew

    Timbollew New Member

    Thanks again for the info u've been really helpful. Im gna try and borrow a friends camera or maybe try to use a scanner to get a better image.

    Once again thanks,
  7. Dos Mundos

    Dos Mundos Junior Member

    Your coin is listed in the catalog as KM#106.2, the value for your particular coin are as follows depending on the grade
    Very Good = 25.00
    Fine = 45.00
    VF = 75.00
    EF = 150.00
    Unc= your call :)
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