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    Could any Roman experts here tell me what the letters/monograms are on either side of the bust on this coin of Caracalla? I know this is a different dynasty and a provincial to boot but someone here would know I suspect. This is from acsearch: coinciliciaacsearchcaracalla.jpg
    Antoninus III. Caracalla, 198-217
    Æs, 215, Tarsos (Cilicia); 21,91 g. Büste r. mit Kleidung und Reif des Demiurgen//Kaiser steht l. und opfert über Altar. SNG Levante 1058.
    R Sehr schön
    OK I found they are Pi symbols> from this wildwinds- must be a mint mark of Cilicia?
    BMC 190 Caracalla AE 35mm of Cilicia, Tarsos. Laureate head right; P-P in fields / Veiled female figure wearing modius, standing right, between two temples viewed in perspective.[​IMG]
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    Just a conjecture, but I wonder if it is part of his titulature. Caracalla received the title of Pater Patriae (this would be πατήρ πάτρας in Greek) in AD 199. Perhaps this is a title.
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    I'm pretty sure this is right. We see it on coins from Tarsus for emperors but not their wives.
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