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    Got this Caracalla because i liked very much his young and handsome profile.

    I was aware of HJB's attribution: Cf. M. Arslan pl. 12, 131 and pl. 23, B65 (same obv. die); cf. SNG Aulock-6176 (similar rev. type); M. Arslan, ‘The Coinage of Ancyra in the Roman Period’, in C.S. Lightfoot (ed.), Recent Turkish Coin Hoards and Numismatic Studies (Oxford, 1991); Not in Arslan, Coinage of Ancyra, or other standard references.

    Thought that maybe I could find a preciser attribution. Does anyone here know more about this coinage from Ancyra?
    The Greeks called a chief city (Μητροπολις), the Latin civitas. The more distinguished metropoles of the Roman empire were designated on their respective coins, both in Greek and Latin. On the reverse of this coin the city’s status is proclaimed.

    I did find in "Recent Turkish Coin Hoards and Numismatic Studies”, United Kingdom: British Institute at Ankara, Editor C. S. Lightfoot, ISBN 9781912090006, 19120900071990, Chapter 1, The Coinage of Ancyra in the Roman Period, Melih Arslan, on p. 31 Obverse type (2): Head l. SNG von Aulock 6158, and on p. 32: Reverse type (26) Standing Athena SNG Copenhagen 113:


    Æ 30, Galatia, Ancyra (Ankara), 212 – 217 AD
    29 x 30 mm, 15.92 g

    Ob.: ANTΩNEINOC (NT and NE ligate) - AYΓOYCTOC (Antoninus Augustus). Bust of young Caracalla laureate l., fold of cloak on front shoulder.
    Rv.: MHTPOΠOΛE - ΩC ANKYPAC (Metropolis Ancyra) Athena standing head to l. holding shield and spear that rest on ground.

    Picture courtesy HJB


    Please share your coins from Ancyra, or young Caracalla or anything you like :)
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  3. Bing

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  4. Marsyas Mike

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    Nice coin, @cmezner with an exceptional portrait. Afraid I can't help with the attribution, but this one is from Ankyra, from the time of Caracalla and his dad, but features a personification of the Senate:

    Ankyra - Senate & Inscrip. Dec 2022 (0).jpg

    Ankyra, Phyrgia Æ 20
    Pseudo-Autonomous Issue,
    Time of Septimius Severus and Caracalla
    (c. 193-217 A.D.)

    IEΡA CYNKΛ[H]TOC, draped bust of the Senate right / AN | KYΡA | NΩN in three lines within wreath.
    SNG Copenhagen 130; SNG von Aulock 3424; BMC 11.
    (5.53 grams / 20 mm) eBay Dec. 2022
    Attribution: Legend starts left and runs backwards; see Savoca Numismatik Live Online Auct. 16; Lot 363; 25.06.2017 (I used this for attribution)
    Some examples are noted as variations of SNG Cop. 130 / BMC 9 (see Wildwinds).
    Provenance: Seller's cardboard holder noted "11-2020 Zeus A(u)ction." I was unable to find this lot.
  5. cmezner

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    @Bing Your second one has a beautiful head of young Caracalla, he must have been around the same age as he is on the OP
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  6. cmezner

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    @Marsyas Mike, yours is an interesting and nice coin with the name of the city. Thanks for sharing:)

    In Ankyra coins in bronze and brass were struck under Nero, Nerva, Trajan, Antoninus Pius, Lucius Verus, Commodus and Caracalla.
    The right to issue its own coinage was an important privilege for a Greek city, and it was granted either by the emperor himself or, with his consent, by his representative in the province. The first urban coin of Ancyra was issued under Vespasian [Edward Dąbrowa, Ancyra: Factors in the Development of the City, ISSN 0012-7825].
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  7. Sulla80

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    An interesting and rare coin with an excellent portrait @cmezner (appears to be unlisted in RPC)! Another reference that may or may not be useful:

    An interesting article on Roman Baths and Ankyra here:

    I will add this young Caracalla as Caesar from nearby Cappadocia.

    Caracalla Cappadocia.jpg Roman Imperial Coins, Caracalla, as Caesar, 196 - 198 AD, Silver Drachm, Cappadocia, Caesarea Mint, 17mm, 2.99 grams
    Obv: M AYΡH ANTWN KAI, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Antoninus right.
    Rev: MHTΡO KAI CAΡIAC, Mt. Argaeus surmounted by star, crescent in left field, ET E (or similar) in exergue.
    Ref: Sydenham 470
  8. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    Thank you so much @Sulla80 for the links. Maybe I can find there something more specific :)
  9. Roman Collector

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  10. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    We have in this thread examples of both:
    The one of @Marsyas Mike is, as he notes, from Ankyra Phyrgia. Mine is from Galatia - on the obverse: MHTPOΠOΛE - ΩC ANKYPAC (Metropolis Ancyra)
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