Ebay: Capped Bust Halves, 1832 Half Cent, 1929-S SLQ, Ending Sunday PM

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    ICG EF45 1830 Capped Bust Half Dollar - O-119 (R2) - Nice Original

    PCGS VF20 1836 Capped Bust Half Dollar (Lettered Edge) O-109 (R3) - Original, CircCam

    ANACS AU55 1828 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Sq. Base 2, Sm. 8's Lg. Lt O-114 (R3) - Cartwheel VIDEO: here.

    1832 Half Cent - Original, F-VF, - Great album coin for a type set, only selling because I'm cracking my 1825 VF30 as I don't need two.

    1929-S SLQ Type II - VF, some remaining luster. Not a bad looking coin but I'm selling to find something crustier to match my type 1.
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