Canadian Centennial DEATHMATCH

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by nightrious, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. nightrious

    nightrious Junior Member




    Who would win?
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  3. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Nightrious,the hare on the Canadian nickel 5c. would win,as it is a much smaller animal & would get into areas where the cougar cannot go.

  4. bobbycoin

    bobbycoin New Member

    I disagree with Aidan. The cougar eats the hair and takes his time to the finish line.

  5. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Bobby,we agree to disagree,but the hare can go into a burrow,which is where the cougar can't go.

  6. cdb1950

    cdb1950 Senior Member

    I wouldn't want to be the rabbit...
  7. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    Where's the turtle? :rolleyes:
  8. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Steve,there has never been a turtle on a Canadian coin.However,there is a coin from the Seychelles that has a turtle,plus one from St Helena - Ascension.

  9. MorganFred

    MorganFred New Member

    One little problem: it's not a cougar. It's a lynx. Classic two-species predator-prey relationship model.
  10. bromac4

    bromac4 Senior Member

    All my reference material says the animal is a bobcat and I think the rabbit is in big trouble.
  11. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Bill,what is the difference between a bobcat & a cougar?
  12. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    IMO, the cougar could swallow the rabbit in one gulp, the bobcat might take two! :D
  13. MorganFred

    MorganFred New Member

    I'm happy the question was asked. I'm a retired wildlife biologist and I used to eat this stuff up. First, the animals pictured on the Canadian coins are the snowshoe (varying) hare Lepus americanus (not a rabbit; hares are precocial = born with hair and eyes open; rabbits are altricial = born naked and blind) and the Canada lynx Lynx lynx ssp. Lynx are smaller than cougar Felis (also Puma ) concolor ssp, but larger than bobcat Lynx rufus. Visually, lynx have larger ear tufts than bobcat, but in the field, the differences are obvious in size and their ranges seldom overlap (with a lot of qualifications). Cougar (aka puma, mountain lion, painter, panther, big cat) have long tails while bobcat and lynx have shorter "bobbed" tails. A summary of the lynx-hare cycle may be found at: . Among wildlife biologists, it's a classical study of the relationship between predators and their prey since it's a relatively simple model with little outside "noise". Many biologists in Canada and the US continue to study these cycles since data goes back well over 50 years.
  14. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Fred,thank you for answering my question,as we do
    not have bobcats,lynxes,or cougars over here in New Zealand.

  15. bromac4

    bromac4 Senior Member

    Thanks very much for the info Fred.I must say again - what a great forum.
  16. jello_g

    jello_g Senior Member

    That's great info, Fred.. thanks!

  17. bohica

    bohica Senior Member

    Unless that rabbit is related to the one in Monty Python's Holy Grail the lynx is gonna win every time.

    What is the difference between a bobcat & a cougar? About 160 lbs.

    3 beautiful (in spite of the fingerprint) coins!
  18. cmbdii

    cmbdii New Member

    Now let me think what my "unbiased" vote would be???? :D

    Bob ^..^
  19. grapeape

    grapeape New Member

  20. SuperDave

    SuperDave Free the Cartwheels!

    Why are you surprised at not understanding the context of a thread which was last visited 11-1/2 years ago, from which all the images have long since disappeared? :)
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  21. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Plenty of fresh threads around to pursue.:)
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