can you find this coin in an older catalog you may have?

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by 4504, Dec 12, 2017.

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    And it looks like even the Smithsonian may be mixed up on these... they list the date of the catalog as "1959", and then immediately below this they list "1959" again with a question mark. And altho they list the numbers of coins initially at 14 in the title area, further below they added "Supplement has subtitle - 18 gold coinages", which my Krause shows 18 as well... for the 1957 series. This, to me, suggests that the mint added 4 more leaders during the production run. As already mentioned, Krause left out entirely anything regarding 1958 (I have examples of the 1958's) and listed only one coin for 1959, a 1959 proof 50 gram medal. This whole series is nothing but one BIG question mark. thanks for the reference NPcoin.
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    ok, that makes sense of it, thanks Ruslatin.
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    QUOTE="4504, post: 2933929, member: 77402"]Thanks Harley, so in 1985 they are not listed, in 2007 they were partially listed, and in 2018 not listed at all again. its off to the loony farm with me...[/QUOTE]

    Since the catalog got so big each year some entire countries are missing. If Venezuela is in the 2018 catalog but does not list your coin then that is a
    separate issue. Have you tried contacting the editors directly?
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    Thanks Harley, I think the issue is that Krause had went back and forth on whether to consider the pieces as either coins or metals, the collection book for the series even has them listed as "coinages". The series/medals are not mentioned in the 1985 Krause, are mentioned in the 2007, and not mentioned in 2018. It took NGC several tries to finally determine these are metals or medallions... not technically coins. This is why NGC initially refused to grade mine... my inquiry went to their coin department. Since then my inquiry has gone to their medal division. To further demonstrate the confusion, here is an auction house which corrected their listing under "SALEROOM NOTICES" at the bottom of their listing... 52y research.png
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