Can Someone Identify These?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by John Johnson, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. John Johnson

    John Johnson Active Member

    I have a couple of ancient coins I bought in an antique shop in Dubai back in the fall of 1990. I only paid $10 for them, and it's very possible they're not even real, but I wonder what the experts here can tell me? DubaiAncientSide.jpg DubaiAncientReverse.jpg DubaiAncientObverse.jpg DubaiAncientObverse2.jpg DubaiAncientOwl.jpg
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  3. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Just a guy making his way in the universe

    They are probably authentic. The second one looks like a bronze of Athens. I am not sure about the first coin.
  4. John Johnson

    John Johnson Active Member

    What I find odd about the second one you can't see in the picture. It has a turqoise color tint to it, like you would see on badly tarnished copper. Does bronze do that? The first coin is bronze, though. I'm fairly certain about that.
  5. THCoins

    THCoins Well-Known Member

    First coin looks like a copper 1/2 Anna coin of Indore state in India. Should weigh about 17 grams. The second photo is upside down. The central blob then is a reclining bull facing left. This is not ancient but 19th century, so probably to be found in the Krause catalog.
  6. John Johnson

    John Johnson Active Member

    Thanks! Using what you gave me, I did a google search and found one similar. I have had that coin for years and never had any idea what it was.
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