Can someone help, is this a doubled die?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by BlondeWhit, Jun 19, 2019.

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    So I have got a new found huge respect for people that take the professional pics of coins. Lol it is not easy to find the right lighting and everything else that goes into trying to catch the right pics to prove if a penny is a doubled die or not. Especially when the coin is one thats got kinda that blurry noncrisp look about. I dont want to feel foolish by asking this but I also know ill probably catch some crap if I dont incluse the year and mint. This is a 1982 D which doesnt seem to have any listed doubled dies. Ive tried and missed with other questions plenty of times but never have i seen one this convincing. I hope the pics captured the fact that I dont think it looks flat or shelf like at all and i saw some notching all over it too. I dont want to be naive enough to think I found the first 1982 D DDR but there has been a first one to find all the known DDO's,DDR's, and RPM's right?
    Btw Im sorta crossing my fingers that I chose the right pics to post. I took a ridiculous amount of pics and then when I went to post them I chose the first 10 from looking at the thumbnails saved in my documents and realized the limit is 10 uploads. It says "in total" but ill try to add any better ones after I post this.

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    I'm not seeing anything. What year is it? Have you compared it to any known doubled dies for that year?

    EDIT: nevermind. Found what year it was in the middle of your post...
  4. BlondeWhit

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    Ok i wont post anymore pics lol and I apologize if I went a little overboard on them, i just feel like I might miss the one tiny millimeter in a pic that could prove it to be a possible doubled die. At least now if I dont get the answers i hope for then I wont keep wondering "what if i just put up more"
    Thank you for yalls patience

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  5. thomas mozzillo

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