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    Shout out to @chrsmat71 for the awesome coin, and my first ancient! This is my first time posting in the ancients section and this coin inspired me to start collecting some ancients and learning about them because the history is amazing behind them! Here is a little write up about Heraclius that I put together (correct me if I'm wrong about anything):

    Heraclius rise of power as Byzantine Emperor began in 608 AD and immediately took charge of the Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602-628, which his father originally was involved in against the Persians. Eventually, the Persians were defeated at the Battle of Nineveh in 627. After this victory, Heraclius named himself the ancient Persian title of “King of Kings”. In 629 he styled himself as Basileus, which is the Greek word for “sovereign” which was used by Emperors throughout Europe for the next 800 years. When Heraclius defeated the Persians, it put an end to the internal conflict between the two groups that lasted for nearly 400 years. However, the downside of this war was that it left the Sassanid dynasty and the conquered Persia in an extremely weakened state, leading to a fall of Persia in 644 and the Sassanid dynasty in 651 to the growing Arab population.

    One of the major things that Heraclius is known for is changing the language of the Empire from Latin to Greek in 620. He is also very well known and liked by the Western church for recovering the True Cross, which was captured by the Persians.

    Here is the coin (Heraclius 620-641 AD 6.3g):

    image1.JPG image2.JPG
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  3. TIF

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    Welcome to Ancients!

    I still find it amazing that ordinary people can acquire such things. Isn't it wonderful? Our own little museums :)
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  4. Ancientnoob

    Ancientnoob Money Changer

    Some member's museums here I would happily pay admission to see the stuff. Hit the gift shop on the way out.
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  5. TIF

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  6. Mikey Zee

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    You definitely have the 'bug' @K2Coins !!! Cool coin and a informative and enjoyable narrative!!

    I caught that 'bug' years ago and it still runs deep within me....I'm still in awe that I can own so many coins from so many thousands of years ago, all deeply seeped in history with a direct link to the times and lives of so many people so very long ago.

    One of the few 'Byzantine' examples I own, a gold tremisses of Heraclius: Heraclius gold tremisses.jpg
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  7. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES!

    welcome aboard K2C! i'm glad you like your new coin!

    nice write up, that heraclius cat was interesting wasn't he?

    here is one of the type i received from my secret santa last year, which is why i sent my first one off to a new home.....


    Byzantine AE Follis,Heraclius, 610-641 AD
    O: Heraclius Constantine, Hercalius, and Martina. R: Large M, monogram to left. Constantinople mint. SB 808
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  8. stevex6

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    Welcome K2C ... I hope that you have a great time chasing these cool ol' coins!

    I don't have an example of Heraclius himself, but I do have a couple of sweet overstrikes ...

    => this is when a ruler will take a previous ruler's coin and whack his own portrait and markings onto the coin (I love these examples) ... man, I betcha that these coins have seen a few things in their time ...

    HERACLIUS Overstruck on Anastasius follis
    Struck at Syracuse, Sicily. Overstruck on a large follis of Anastasius from Constantinople
    circa 622 AD or earlier
    Diameter: 33.5mm
    Weight: 13.6g
    Obverse: Facing bust of Heraclius, monogram-cross beside, all within 9mm countermarked circle, bust of Anastasius clearly identifiable underneath
    Reverse Large M from original undertype, mintmark CON overstamped with SCLS mintmark.

    syracuse heraclius countermark 2.jpg

    HERACLIUS Overstruck on Justin I follis
    Heraclius. Æ follies (Countermarks)
    610-641 AD
    circa 616/7-621/2
    Sicilian mint
    Diameter: 29 mm
    Weight: 12.77 grams
    Obverse: Crowned bust of Heraclius facing; to right, monogram; all within circular incuse
    Reverse: SCLs within circular incuse
    Reference: DOC 241b; MIB Km 4; SB 882
    Other: Brown patina. Overstruck on a follis of Justin I from Constantinople, SB 63. Countermark very fine, coin near fine

    Heraclius CM Justin I.jpg
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  9. Ancientnoob

    Ancientnoob Money Changer

    My only Heraclius.


    Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine
    AR Hexagram 22.0 mm x 6.28 g
    Constantinople mint. 610-640 AD
    Obv. dd NN HERAKLIUS et hERA CONST Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine seated facing on double throne
    Rev. Large DEUS ADIUTA ROMANIS Cross potent above three steps (God Help the Romans)
    ref# S 798
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  10. Jwt708

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    I hope you stick around. Ancients can be enjoyed on any budget, Heck you're ahead already! I like tossing this picture my first ancients. I bought a lot of 12 for about $65 and this is what I got
    None of these are Byzantine but mostly coins from the Constantinian era know as late Roman bronzes (LRB).

    And you made a very nice first post.
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