By what percentage would you discount a cleaned/polished

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Browns Fan, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Cheech9712

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  3. BooksB4Coins

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    You had it the first time. ;)
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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Thanks for the kind words Cheech. I simply say what I say in an effort to help others learn.
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  5. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not going to get one.

    To be fair, I wasn’t trying to tear the guy up and really was only hoping for clarification. After all he did sort of qualify his actions and could have easily explained if on the up and up, especially since there are a select few reasonable/valid reasons for doing such a thing even to US coins.

    This can be a tough business, I understand, but generally speaking cracking dreck to sell raw is usually the realm of the desperate or lazy, or even more commonly of the shyster class.

    Sadly, the fact he didn’t clarify and instead ignored this only makes it that much more questionable.
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  6. twoshadows

    twoshadows Member

    There may be a misunderstanding concerning my remarks. If I buy a slabbed coin that is marked cleaned, damaged or any other non-desirable condition that coin is for ME not for the shop. I do NOT break open slabs that are purchased for the shop, never have and never will. Personally I have quite a collection of non-slab coins and type sets I am working on. If something is needed for those empty holes and I do buy the above mentioned condition coins I do remove them from the slabs. I am not at liberty to do so for resale at the shop. Hope this clears that up.
  7. twoshadows

    twoshadows Member

    And I might mention I am here on this forum as a collector and not as a dealer but I do like sharing what its like on the other side of the counter after 45 years of being a collector visiting coin shops. And as a dealer I am more than willing to point out flaws in both slabbed coins and raw coins to novice and experienced collectors alike. I want them to come back regardless of their years or expertise in the hobby.
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  8. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    He's toast to me
  9. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    With all due respect, this rather unambiguously contradicts your earlier assertion.

    At this point it doesn’t matter, but I do hope the latter was a simple mistake and that the former is indeed the case, not only for your benefit but most importantly for the hobby’s.
  10. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    Damn. Sorry about that toast comment. Thanks for putting me (maybe us)( I speak for myself ) at ease with your honest reply. All i know is word of mouth about a coin shop goes a long way (dealer) thanks i feel better. You were bad saying or implying this cracking slab thing . You can go straight to hell for this on cointalk
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  11. twoshadows

    twoshadows Member

    I have a lot of coins that are less than desirable as we all know the cost of some of those rarer coins so I get what I can afford and upgrade when I can. When I speak here about buying I am referring to ME the collector and things I do. Hopefully when I share humor or events that happen in the shop I will be a bit more clearer so there are no mistakes. I am a coin collector by heart and have been for 49 years and still in love with the hobby and still learning.
    I will admit writing here is similar to sending texts, while the good intention goes into to it, those words can be read much differently on the other end. I will have to slow down a bit and make sure my written words match my intent! Thanks guys for the understanding.
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