Buried Treasure Poses Holocaust Puzzle For Hungary Museum

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Islander80-83, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Yep, I just saw that on yahoo and you beat me posting the link! :D good for you!:cigar: Intriguing, wish I'd find something amazing! ;)
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    Article summary:

    Keszthely (Hungary) (AFP) - A vast and "unique" trove of antique and Roman-era coins, unearthed in what was one of Hungary's wartime Jewish ghettos, is proving a conundrum for historians.

    Thrilled with the chance discovery of the 2,800 gold and silver coins spanning decades and continents, researchers are in the dark however about who collected and then hid them.

    "We hope that it can return to its legal owners one day."

    The finders have requested anonymity, according to the museum, which also declined to reveal the exact location of the house.

    It is unusual that this coin collection was not found by the Germans or Russians.

    One of my neighbors was born in Hungary around 1939; she is Jewish and lived through that period.

    I mentioned this news story to her this morning and she told me that when the Germans moved in in 1944 her neighbors were drilling holes in the wood and stone to hide gold coins and jewelry.

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