WTS: Bulk World Coins & Tokens, Thailand 10 Baht collection, Sterling Silver Jewelry

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    Good afternoon!

    I'd like to offer a few things for sale today.

    All prices include shipping costs.
    Payment via PayPal (please add 3% for PPGS.) If you choose to use PPFF, please make sure to PM me your shipping address as it won't automatically populate with the payment.

    1) 27 Pounds Mixed World Coins and Assorted Tokens
    Price: $200 shipped (that's under $7/lb plus shipping costs)


    2) 85 Mixed Thailand 10 Baht Commemorative Bimetallic Coins in 2x2
    Price: $50 shipped. Most appear to be BU and there do not appear to be any duplicates (might be a couple, but I don't see any.)


    3) Bag of Mixed Sterling Silver Jewelry (556.4 grams)
    Price: $325 shipped Includes everything shown in the photo. Some pieces are damaged, there are some mismatched earrings, but basically I'm selling this group for less than melt plus shipping costs (i.e., just selling as a pile of silver.)


    4) 412 Mixed World Coins and Assorted Tokens in 2x2
    Price: $125 shipped Includes a good mix of modern BU coins and some older pieces. I don't know much about tokens, so there could be something interesting in there.

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