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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by CoinBlazer, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. CoinBlazer

    CoinBlazer Professional Teenager

    My Militaria dealer is offering me this bulk box of foreigns for a $100 bill. It has all ages, oldest being 1700s and newest being some euros. How does that deal sound just for educational/ collector purposes and not for resale?

    F4F16353-A099-4920-870F-4F1FD9DD877F.jpeg 40F4035E-9190-47C6-9136-1C1DE4CEB9BC.jpeg
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  3. TheFinn

    TheFinn Well-Known Member

    If there's something in there you want, it may be a deal. Looks like he is doing early Spring cleaning.
  4. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Why not, there may be some keepers in there and could be fun to go through, but if a $100 is too much to spare, then move on.

    But most likely it's been sorted through for the good stuff.
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  5. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    I could not say on this lot. I usually buy bulk at $70.00 for 10 pounds loose from WCE or near the same from L&C Coins on a promo. My recent pickup from L&C had about a dozen nice XF/B.U. 1970's Egyptian that listed in Krause for $10-$25 each so I did well on that lot. If it feels right, go for it.
  6. Noah Finney

    Noah Finney Morgan / Gold Indian Member

    Offer him 75.00!
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  7. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball Cannot Re-Member

    Yeah, I think $7/lb. is about right. I don't think there is 14 lbs. in that bunch.

  8. baseball21

    baseball21 Well-Known Member

    Depends how many euros are in there.
  9. Hiddendragon

    Hiddendragon World coin collector

    Sounds like a lot to me. There's no way to tell what's in there but since they're in 2x2s there aren't nearly as many as it looks like. I can cherry pick at my local dealer for 15 cents a coin. I think you'd be paying way too much.
  10. Oldhoopster

    Oldhoopster It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Seems expensive at $100. Maybe this is good opportunity to practice your negotiating skills. Offer him half and hold out .If he can get more elsewhere, then you missed out. Many lots like this are filled with low value common stuff, so if you miss out it won't be a total loss. If you know enough to see something(s) valuable, grab it. If not, save the C Note and buy some nice coins for your date sets
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  11. Hiddendragon

    Hiddendragon World coin collector

    Nothing in those photos makes me think there's a lot of value there. I'll bet it's not worth $20. And he may say there's something from the 1700s, but it's probably something really common with a barely readable date, like a British halfpenny.
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  12. Maxfli

    Maxfli Well-Known Member

    My experience is that boxes like this one are usually filled with a handful of keepers (if you're lucky) and a whole lot of junk.

    Have you searched the box and know there are some coins in there that you'd really like to own? And if you bought those keepers singly, would the cost add up to more than $100? If not, I'd pass.
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