Buffalo Nickel Grades?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by toned_morgan, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    We all have our favorite type of coin... for me it's Morgan dollars, and we all get extremely specialized in that one type. However, I've decided to venture out into the land of raw, ungraded MS coins from the early 1900's. I asked my parents for advice since they know firsthand about that time period, but they just shouted a few words along the lines of "what the..." and "you stupid..." and "not that old!" I didn't really know what they were saying, so anyway I thought some of you people who are specialized in buffalos could help me out with some buffalo nickel grades.

    Here's two 1916 nickels that I recently bought, first one are my photos, second one are seller photos. I paid around $20 for the first one, but close to $200 for the second one, which I normally wouldn't be fine with doing, but there's a little something that caught my eye (variety cherrypickers will know...).

    For the first one, I'm going to ignore the corrosion and assume it would straight grade, and estimate an MS62.

    Second one I'm shooting more towards MS65. Am I right with these predictions?

    Thanks a lot and enjoy your weekend!

    Untitled design-3.png Untitled design-10.png

    s-l1600-5.jpg s-l1600-6.jpg
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  3. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Buffaloes are hard to grade, I usually look at the hair above the tie and the buffalo horn.
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  4. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    I will not comment on grading opinion, but I am curious about what you mean by corrosion.
  5. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    First coin obverse, bottom near and to the right of date.
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  6. charley

    charley Well-Known Member

    Yes, I see the color change, but the question is the use of the word corrosion. I do not have the coin in hand, that is why I ask. I am not certain it is corrosion.
  7. BuffaloHunter

    BuffaloHunter Short of a full herd Supporter

    I think the first one gets a bump down for all the carbon spotting - MS63. The second one I fear would be MS details - scratches. Bummer too, because that's a really nice coin.
  8. Steven Shaw

    Steven Shaw Well-Known Member

    What variety are you seeing on the 2nd Buff?
  9. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Hey brother can you spare a half dime?

    Coin #1 is it in an old soap bar Anacs slab?
    Coin #2 I like it a lot 64 /65
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  10. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    That's what I've heard, they're a nightmare for people sending in for high grades because you never know what the TPG will see.
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  11. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    Yes it is, it's the typical greenish corrosion you see on buffalo nickels, it's hard to see the color of it because of the way the light hits it. There's a smidge on the bottom rim of the reverse too.
  12. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    Where do you see the scratches? This is one I am considering sending in, so this is a touch worrying. If you're talking about the big horizontal line across the face, I'm 99% sure it's just a hair because the shadow of it is slightly visible in the luster.
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  13. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    Hint: the feathers...
  14. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    No they're both raw, but those slabs do give coins a lot of strange toning so I see what you mean
  15. BuffaloHunter

    BuffaloHunter Short of a full herd Supporter

    Yes, those sure look like scratches on the face to me.
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  16. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    Hmm… hopefully not but I’ll keep that in mind.
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  17. Steven Shaw

    Steven Shaw Well-Known Member

    Is there a 2 1/2 feather? It sure doesn't look like a 2 feather. It's close to it, that's why I asked.
  18. BuffaloHunter

    BuffaloHunter Short of a full herd Supporter

    Don’t you have these coins in hand?
  19. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    No the second one is the seller’s photos
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  20. Sunflower_Coins

    Sunflower_Coins Importer and Exporter

    I agree with the first as being a low grade MS. A little dirty but I like it.

    The second, I think looks good and clean but that itself isn't good enough to warrant a 65. Luster on the highlights are muted, something that both PCGS and NGC have an aversion to on gem coins, unless it's some kind of toning. That does appear to be a light scratch across the injun's jaw. It may not be enough to get a details grade but I can see it knocking the grade unless it's some kind of planchet flaw. I personally see it as a 64, although it's hard to judge from a seller's pictures.

    Do you think the third feather is weak enough to garner an FS-402 designation? Every example I've seen has nothing left of it.

    Still beautiful coins, though!
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  21. BuffaloHunter

    BuffaloHunter Short of a full herd Supporter

    Ah, gotcha. I hope that you are right that it’s just hair as that is one fantastic coin!
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