Ebay: Budget Roman, Greek, and Byzantine auctions, 99 cent opening - end August 1

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    Hey all. Further selling off coins I don’t really need and this time around I’ve got some lower grade ancients: a Roman silver denarius of Maximinus I Thrax, a group lot of 3 Greek bronzes (Sardes, Tralles, and Ptolemaic), and a group lot of 3 Byzantine bronzes (well, actually 2 Byzantines- Constans II, and a Constantine V/Leo IV - and a probable Latin trachy) They can make good coins for a beginning collector of ancients or medieval coins and/or as gifts.

    Auctions starts at $0.99 and runs for 7 days until ending on 8/1. First auction ends 9:30 PM EDT with the others ending at 9:35 and 9:40 PM. Feel free to message me with any questions. I ship international also (with some exceptions - more information in the listings). And I combine shipping on multiple wins at no extra cost. Thanks for looking!




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