Ebay: BU early-date Franklin Half Dollars

Discussion in 'Auction Listings' started by stldanceartist, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Hello again!

    Have a nice round of UNC Franklin Half Dollars running in a 7-day auction ending Sunday, Dec 2 in my eBay Store (LINK).

    Most start at $12-15 each and I alwayscombine shipping costs (I charge what it costs me.) This is a nice big consignment from a coin dealer's "secret stash" - an ammo box filled with BU Franklins of various dates. Once I get these sold, I'll get another couple rolls.

    I also have plenty of interesting BIN/BO items - feel free to make a reasonable offer there (or here via PM and I'll do better on the price since I won't pay eBay fees!) I believe they all ship FREE.

    NOTE: I'm not a Top-Rated Seller right now (I was for a while, but it depends on sales volume, so when I don't sell a lot of coins they take it away) but I have 100% positive feedback, I ship your coins within 1 business day, and I take all my own photos so you can really see what the coin looks like before you make your decision.

    1948 D Franklin Half 1.jpg 1949 S Franklin Half 2.jpg 1954 S Franklin Half 5.jpg 1955 Franklin Half Bugs Bunny 3.jpg 1956 Franklin Half.jpg 1951 S Franklin Half.jpg

    NOTE 2: Like my coin images? (If you haven't seen them, check my post history in r/coins. I also do coin imaging for a very reasonable fee, and I have special dealer pricing for lower-value items. Shoot me a PM and let's find a way to show off your gorgeous coins!

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