Bronze Minnows Cast & Struck

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    A package just arrived from Italy. I was not 100% sure how to treat / disinfect it. I used a Clorox wipe, let it dry and called it good. My minnow came with 3 other coins. I really wanted the cast semis and bought 3 others to spread the cost of postage. I will post the others later.
    The small struck dolphin goes with a cast dolphin from the same town. I now have 3 coins with 3 right swimmers and 3 left swimmers. The fish are split about like congress.


    18R.jpg 18D.jpg
    The small coins are struck.
    Italy, Northern Apulia, Salapia. bronze, 3.5 to 4.0 grams, 14 mm, 275-250 BC.
    Obv - Dolphin right in coin 1 and left in coin 2; above ΣAΛΑΠΙΝΩΝ. The lettering is below the dolphin on some coins.
    Rev - Dolphin right.
    HNItaly 689
    Rutter 689

    The larger one is cast. I saw a larger example of this coin at NYINC.
    Greek Italy, Northern Apulia, Venusia. AE Cast Biunx, 215 BC.
    Obv - Dolphin left; below, [two pellets].
    Rev - Dolphin left; above, VE ligate; below, [two pellets].
    Vecchi ICC 356;
    HN Italy 712
    17.85 grams
    27.0 mm
    RR. Very rare. Earthen emerald green patina. VF.

    The shipping package. You can see I am researching the prow left semis.
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    Those are all great examples. My favorite though, is that massive Janus. The one with the vase, below it, is pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing!
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    Agreed! That Janus looks like a real hunk of history!

    ps, most peer reviewed articles I’ve read say 3 days, just in case. So, things from overseas that I receive sit in purgatory.
    Though, I should probably revisit this policy as we know have not confirmed cases then any other country in the world...
    I should probably show a Janus to keep things on the level:
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