Broadstruck James Madison

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Bthack, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. Bthack

    Bthack New Member

    Not a coin enthusiast or anything, just stumbled onto this and started researching. Decided to get it graded. Very little info on it, specifically. Havent been able to find another broadstruck James Madison online. What could it be worth? As I'm not a collector, I'm just trying to sell it. Thanks!

    -Hope I got the photos right, I did read the directions on how to do it-

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  3. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

  4. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    It probably costed you more to have it graded and certified than it is worth.
    ~ Chris
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  5. Double Die

    Double Die I know just enough to be dangerous

    Nice coin!

    There isn't a true set price for it. It is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Take it to your local coin dealer(s) and see what they offer you for it. There's always eBay where you can determine your price and see how many bites you get.

    You might even find some interest on here, but that's a different forum and there are rules to follow.

    The coin itself as an MS65 is worth $5 - $7, but with it being broadstruck adds a premium on top of that.
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  6. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    @Randy Abercrombie
    I never really looked at prices for Broadstrike Errors.
    I checked the Mint Error News price list and this is what it states..
    All the way on the bottom for a small Broadstruck

    I'm just sharing the list not saying I agree with it.
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  7. Bthack

    Bthack New Member

    Awesome, thanks for all the information! I paid $90 to get it graded and havent spoken to any dealers about an offer yet. From that list, what is considered a large broadstrike vs a small broadstrike?
  8. Bluntflame

    Bluntflame Active Member

    Have you seen those coins where like half the coin is blank? That is a major broadstrike. Yours is small.
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  9. Bluntflame

    Bluntflame Active Member

    Also that list is going based off of recorded auctions. I think just going and seeing what has sold on ebay works a bit better.
  10. Bthack

    Bthack New Member

    Ah yes, ok! Thanks
  11. Bthack

    Bthack New Member

    Oh ok. I'll have a look around on Ebay then! Thanks
  12. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    @paddyman98 I feel like those prices are over-inflated. I did a quick ebay perusal and found nothing that sold that came anywhere close to those prices.
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  13. Bthack

    Bthack New Member

    Ok cool, thanks for looking. Hmm, I wonder what coin sold for that at auction then. I'll have to see if I can find where they are getting that example.
  14. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    I find that price for a Prez Dollar a bit ludicrous, especially for a broadstrike that might be classified as "smallest". The prices for a Morgan, Ike, SBA and Sac don't even come close to it. If I had to classify that auction price, I would probably put it in the "bidiot" category. ~ Chris
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  15. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    Thanks for posting this, Mr. P.! In your honest opinion, are any of those "4-digit" prices for a small broadstrike in line with what you would pay for one? ~ Chris
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