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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by cplradar, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    I picked up the "Tales of the Earth" Mary Anning Collection from the British Royal mint.

    It seemed VERY reasonable priced. This is the invoice

    Two items
    Order Date: 31/03/2021
    Product Product Code Quantity Price

    The Mary Anning Collection 2021 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Colour Three-Coin Series

    £20.00* Per Coin - £60.00* Full Series Price

    Shipping within 3 - 5 working days for orders to the UK.
    What you can expect from our three-coin series. You only need to add a quantity of 1 to your basket to order all 3 coins. Coins 1, 2 and 3 will be charged at the point of despatch – coin 1 will be despatched shortly. Coin 2 will be available in March 2021. Coin 3 will be available in April 2021. *Note: Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in raw material prices. 2021MABUC 1 £16.67
    Temnodontosaurus 2021 UK Silver Proof Colour 50p Coin
    Limited Edition 7,000

    Shipping within 3 - 5 working days for orders to the UK.
    UK21TSPC 1 £56.25
    Plesiosaurus 2021 UK Silver Proof 50p Coin
    Limited Edition 3,000

    Shipping within 3 - 5 working days for orders to the UK.
    UK21PLSP 1 £52.08

    Basket Total £125.00
    Delivery Total £12.50


    I thought it was two items, and it ended up as three item. I have NO idea what I ordered and they keep sending the things :) It is not at all bad for the price. I can live without POPUP packaging, but you have to admit it is cool for young children and well made.
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  3. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    Fun coins in neat holders. As limited editions, and silver, they are nice to hold on to.
  4. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    Is that you?

    Mr. Brooklyn?

    I wondered what happened to you.
  5. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    The whole thing was less than the cost of maybe a
    Christa McAuliffe 2021 Proof Silver Dollar
  6. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    The problem with the extreme packaging is that it is not longer really a coin project. The coin is glued into the package and other than cutting up that lovely pop up art, you simply can't get at the coin. And the cheap plastic it is incased in. None of this can be known from reading the website when you purchase them :) You buy on faith.
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  7. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

  8. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Nah, that's Dan Rather or Mike Wallace........Mr. Brooklyn is tightly ensconced in the 'witness protection program'.......... devil.gif
  9. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    Mr Brooklyn (MrBrklyn) is on a 6 day trip fishing out in the ocean. I hope he missed the gale force winds.
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  10. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Tell him we miss him.........:) When you see him........six day trip? I couldn't countenance such a thing. I get sea sick after 5 minutes out..........
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  11. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

  12. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

  13. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    My point is, they gave a big package for a reasonable price and it puts the US mint to shame. And it is at least an interesting topical coin.
  14. scottishmoney

    scottishmoney Unwell Unknown Unmembered Supporter

    I miss Reuben, he brought some personality to the forum.
  15. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

  16. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

  17. CoinJockey73

    CoinJockey73 Here comes trouble... Dealer

    Last edited: May 2, 2021
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  18. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    I miss him, but he drove me crazy at times
  19. cplradar

    cplradar Talmud Chuchum

    well, i like the coins
  20. MIGuy

    MIGuy Supporter! Supporter

    Those are super neat, I'm a bit confused about what you got after watching the first video, but I like the pop up dinosaurs, thank you for sharing.
  21. MIGuy

    MIGuy Supporter! Supporter

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