Bought some coins on SAVOCA Auction

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Mammothtooth, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Mammothtooth

    Mammothtooth Stand up Philosopher, Vodka Taster

    Hi folks,
    Bought my first coins at auction on the Internet. Actually once I got started it was hard to stop, kinda like your first kiss at the Drive Inn.
    Actually I hold the record for most dates at Drive Inn with the same girl without getting a kiss. I will not say how many times we went, but I always regretted that. Oh, back to coins….These did not cost me a lot or my wife would neuter me with a butter knife. Please comment, either positive or negative cause I need to learn more about Ancients.

    All input is valued, too bad Drive Inn help is too late by about 50 years.

    Trying to figure out how to post these, cause they are not in photos
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  3. akeady

    akeady Well-Known Member

    Did you end up with the girl from the Drive In? :D

    I've bought quite a few coins at the Savoca auctions too, and been happy with them. The Blue auctions (everything starts at €10, limited and sometimes wrong attributions) used to have some bargains when they started first, but there are more people watching them now. I didn't bid today, but often do.

    Here's one from Savoca last month - an Eraviscan imitative denarius:

    Obv.: Draped bust of Diana right, wearing hair tied into knot; bow and quiver over shoulder
    Rev.: SIVSAV - Hunting dog running right, spear below
    Mint: (1st Century BC)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 3.50g / 18mm / -
    • cf. Crawford 394/1b
    Acquisition: Savoca Coins Online auction 102nd Blue Auction #5 9-May-2021


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  4. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

  5. Mammothtooth

    Mammothtooth Stand up Philosopher, Vodka Taster

    Thanks so much, I was ready for Hari Kari.
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  6. Mammothtooth

    Mammothtooth Stand up Philosopher, Vodka Taster

    Most I spent was 27.00 the least 12.00. All Monarchs I did not have, which is about all of them.
  7. akeady

    akeady Well-Known Member

    I think you did well.

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  8. royster

    royster southroy Supporter

    I miss the drive inn movies as well! :happy: I don't collect ancients but i'm getting more interested. Amazing details these coins exhibit very impressive.
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  9. kirispupis

    kirispupis Well-Known Member

    I love Savoca. When I got started (which was only 6-7 months ago), I lived on their blue auctions. I've bought a few from their silver also. They're a quality outfit and always send their coins quickly.

    I haven't bought from them in a bit, mainly because I used up most of my budget and am now looking for very specific coins. They did have an Annia Faustina at their latest blue auction, for which I would have gladly paid the hammer price, but that coin's not currently on my list so I didn't bid.
  10. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Very serious auction house. Not sure how they do it, but the Blue auctions end on late Sunday (usually 10 PM their time) and on Monday very early morning they have the packages prepared and FedEx takes them.

    I bought 101 individual coins from Savoca and 24 from 2 lots. My entire ancient coins collection has 214 coins.

    Usually prices are OK. In my opinion, I have overpaid for a single Savoca coin because I wanted it a lot.

    75 EUR and a better one was sold recently for 42 also in their auctions.

    As a matter of fact, I like that they don't fully attribute the coins on Blue auctions, they just provide the emperor, size and weight for Imperial, city for provincials etc. It helped me a lot to learn to attribute coins.
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  11. Puckles

    Puckles Cat Whisperer

    Gotta just love that Hogmouth! Even though I don't collect Austrian or Hungarian coins, I would like one of these just for the novelty value. Those poor Hapsburgs had to learn the hard way - don't marry your cousin!
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  12. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    Certainly I saw several things I would like in their upcoming sale and things I would have bought for more in the past but my bad experiences with German houses and the likelihood I would end up paying 18 euros shipping on a 15 euro coin dims the appeal. I see a good bargain coming up if no one sees it but it is something I already have. If I were to win it, it might make a good gift for someone but selling the coins I find interesting requires finding people whose interests overlap with mine. I miss coin shows.
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