Bonosus, the usurper without coins

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    Reading this discussion:
    I read also something about the usurper Bonosus...
    According to Estiot, no coins of Bonosus exist. They are all local issues imitating Postumus, the wrong attribution is due to De Witte (1859).
    But during the years some coins was sold like Bonosus pieces:

    bon--1.png bon--2.png
    Hess Auction n. 41, 1969 (sold for 14.000 chf :eek:)

    The majority of these type of coins came from the Malicorne hoard (see 1966, J. B. Giard

    Estiot studied the dies of all the known type and she summarized the results in this table:


    After the Estiot paper, 2014, ( only two others specimens related with this serie appeared:

    LEU web auction 1/2017

    And this piece (now in my collection) that I found in a small lot of gallic coins:

    bonoso01.jpg bonoso02.jpg
    The Leu piece has a new type of reverse (ORIENS AVG), mine has tand of the two ex. n. 51-52 from Maliconrne hoard (see fig. 11-12-13 Estiot table).

    A great group of "barbarous radiates" with an interesting and fascinating numismatic history :happy:
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    This kind of little things brightens your day. Whatever that is, nice catch! ;)
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    The picture from Estiot is too small, is your coin a die-match to any of the Estiot coins?
  6. grigioviola

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    Yes. My coin is a die-match wit ex 51-52 from Malicorne hoard
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