Better Date/Mint Silver for Minimal Premium over Common Dates

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by QuintupleSovereign, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. QuintupleSovereign

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    I've gotten a bit irritated at some of the hefty premiums over spot that many sellers are asking for pre-1964 common-date silver pieces. To compensate, I've started to target dates/mints that are a bit scarcer than common-date pieces yet don't command a terribly large premium over their more common counterparts. For now, I've been focusing mainly on Peace Dollars with the following dates/mints:


    Does anyone else have any go-to pieces from other series, such as Walkers, Franklins, etc, that they would recommend?
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  3. Long Beard

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    I would think that collector popularity factors into your dilemma more than the cost over melt. While true, the numismatic value always (with exception to "junk silver) out weighs spot, the reason for your Peace dollar situation is, again, popularity with the release of the 2021. That series has seen several up and down trends over the years so bide your time. Prices should drop again then stabilize. But I like your target date theory.
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  4. Omegaraptor

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    Depends on what grade you’re talking about. There are plenty of date/MM combos that can regularly be found in “junk” silver that aren’t worth much in low grade but can command quite a premium in higher grades.

    Early date mintmarked Washington quarters might fit what you’re looking for. I like the 1935-39 S mint coins. Readily available for junk prices or just above in lower grades, but I also have an UNC 35-S I bought for junk silver prices. Sometimes things like that just slip through the cracks.
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