Best sites for Medievil coinage.

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by chlorinated, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. chlorinated

    chlorinated Member

    Hi, I have taken a big interest in medievil coinage. Was hoping people could point me in the direction of a few good sites both for research and buying.

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  3. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    There are many great auction houses on
    Best ones for Medieval coinage....
    Kunker Elsen

    I also like medieval, here is one of mine.... lf (61).jpg lf (62).jpg
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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    The buying part is easy as there's lots and lots of dealers out there. The research part - not so much.

    Now don't get me wrong, there's a mountain of information out there about medieval coinage. The problem is it's scattered all over the place with a bit here a bit there. And it's also very subject specific.

    So how do you deal with that problem ? Well it's not as hard as you might think and one of the ways is right in front of you - CT. Ask specific questions and you'll almost always get answers - right here ;)
  5. Oldhoopster

    Oldhoopster It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    I have a couple reference sites bookmarked on diff computer that isn't currently accessable. Here is one I can remember. Most tend to be specialized.

    If I can read the legends, I'll search that in MA shops. Many times, the dealers will have good pics and attributions
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  6. Stevearino

    Stevearino Supporter! Supporter

    I find that Davisson auction firm in Cold Spring, MN, has both nice medieval coins for sale and very often interesting posts about some of the coins for sale. I've bought from them in the past and found them honest, prompt and good communicators when I needed to contact them.

  7. chlorinated

    chlorinated Member

    Sweet coin! Way out of my price range, but I can dream haha.

    Thanks, I always utilize this site as much as possible. Wealth if knowledge here sure sure.
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  8. chlorinated

    chlorinated Member

    There was a site I visited a while back that sold everything from ancients through medieval and so on. No auctions, but still lots of sellers. Was an easy way to brows a ton if coinage from all over, but I cant remeber the site! Itll come to me eventually
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  9. tibor

    tibor Well-Known Member

    For Medieval coins with dates prior to 1501 A.D. i highly recommend this
    site: Coins with dates prior
    to 1501 A.D. are scarce and sometimes rare compared to their non-dated
    counterparts. Last year I also had a thread that showed some of these dated
    If you are looking to browse Medieval coins for sale then I would highly recommend
    MA Shops.
    They have a couple of hundred European dealers and a few dozen
    U.S. dealers that sell a wide range of coins.
    NumisBids is an auction platform much like sixbid, for me it is much easier to
    navigate than sixbid. I guess it's what you are comfortable with.
    There is a series of books also issued on Medieval coinage that was issued by
    the Fitz William collection. Well written and informative but pricey. There
    may be online issues that I am not aware of. You will need some time to search
    through the collection to find what interests you but well worth the time.
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  10. +VGO.DVCKS

    +VGO.DVCKS New Member

    Congratulations on your interest! For informational sites, the two best I know of start with this one (the link is to the index, showing the site's eventual expansion from French and English to other European and Mediterranean):
    And for French coins, Merovingian, Carolingian, later royal and feudal, my go-to online reference are the archives of the French firm, cgb. Here's the index to that, already switched to English:
    The genius of this is that the archives are set up by the actual issues, rather than by auction catalog, which is more usual, and basically involves having to know where to look in the first place. --They even give you prices realized, in Euros, and dates of sale. (...God, I already miss the good old days of collecting from European sites. Sorry for that little monkey wrench.)
    Best with your pursuit!!!
  11. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    I've used all of the sites mentioned in this thread so far - they're all good ! The Fitzwilliam in particular as Philip Grierson had a LOT to do with that ! And his knowledge of medieval coinage and everything having to do with it is legend !
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  12. chlorinated

    chlorinated Member

    Thanks so much again guys, been slowly looking through these. I was familiar with a few...Heritage in particular because I'm mainly a US type collector but have begun branching out a bit.

    Vcoins was the site I was trying to remeber. Again, dont know how reliable it is, but thought it was a beat site with alot if offerings.

    I love US coinage, but world coins especially the medieval and Anglo-Saxon time periods really interest me. Something about crude hammered coinage is so cool!
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  13. willieboyd2

    willieboyd2 First Class Poster

    I have bought many coins from several Vcoins dealers and have had no problems.

  14. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    I also recommend @ma-shops
    I have purchased once from vcoins and was very happy.
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  15. +VGO.DVCKS

    +VGO.DVCKS New Member

    Yeah, they're both good.
  16. chlorinated

    chlorinated Member

    Sweet, been doing a ton if research lately. Looking at alot of coins. Now need to save the capital haha always the hardest part. Thank you everyone for your guidance!
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