Best Reference guide for Greek and Roman coins

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Mammothtooth, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. Mammothtooth

    Mammothtooth Stand up Philosopher, Vodka Taster

    Of the countless reference books can I get by with Two? One for Greek and one for Roman. Forgot Britain..

    Anyone have older copy I can buy?

    Sear for Greek
    Price For Roman
    Spink Great Britain
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  3. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Sear -- the five-volume one -- is the best and easiest to use for Roman coins.
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  4. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    I found Van Meter to be superior to Sear and easier to use
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  5. Andres2

    Andres2 Well-Known Member

    Roman and Greek in one book:
    cheap,and easy to buy

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  6. Spargrodan

    Spargrodan Well-Known Member

    I prefere how coins are organized in RIC compared to Sear. Although that's just a matter of taste. Sear's books are cheaper compared to getting all volumes of RIC and booth are good references. For greek coins I use The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series which I really like. They consists of 13 Volumes so quite some books and not cheap if you want to have all of them.

    I don't think there is a good one-way-book where you get everything, but there are lots of free online resources like wildwind and OCRE. I use them all the time.
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  7. Mammothtooth

    Mammothtooth Stand up Philosopher, Vodka Taster

    Thanks for giving me such good advice
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  8. gsimonel

    gsimonel Supporter! Supporter

    Since you are asking for a single book, I assume that you are just starting out and want a general overview.

    Greek Coin Types by Richard Plant is the only single-volume book about Greek coins that I can think of, but I find it difficult to use, and it doesn't provide much background information. David Sear's Greek Coins and Their Values, vol I and vol II is more helpful, and you can probably pick up both volumes for close to the same price and the Plant book.

    For Romans, the Handbook of Roman Coins by David van Meter is, in my opinion, the best single-volume book to start out with.
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