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    One of the most asked questions by those new to the hobby is - how do I start ? My standard answer is to buy some books first. That will never change. But in today's world we have the internet and it provides a quick and easy way to information. So here are a few web sites that may help those who are new to the hobby and looking for a place to start.

    First Steps In Coin Collecting

    Just start on the first page and when your ready proceed to the next by clicking on one of the links highlighted in blue like - Housing the Coin Collection - Ancient Coins - European Coins etc.

    First Steps In Coin Collecting


    Introduction to Collecting Coins - by Q. David Bowers

    "The purpose of the following text is to acquaint you with various aspects of buying and selling of coins, and to make you a smarter buyer. The opinions given are the author's own, and have been gained from over 40 years in the center of the rare coin business. Much of this information is from the writer's best selling book, A Buyer's Guide to the Rare Coin Market. In addition, the author discusses coin grading, bidding and selling at auction, and collecting for enjoyment."

    Introduction to Collecting Coins


    A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting - by Ray Wyman, Jr.

    "Interested in rare coins? Do you want to start a rare coin collection? I wrote A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting for a group of investment advisors who needed a booklet that introduced basic concepts of the art of rare coin collecting. For that reason, this text offers equal time to the pros and cons of rare coin collecting. It provides good insights on how to avoid common mistakes and provides simple layman explanations. ......."

    A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting

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    Pocket Goodies

    "What to look for in your pocket change"

    Pocket Goodies

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  5. Dougmeister

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    We need a bumper sticker:

    "GDJMSP...posts are still relevant 9 years later" ;-)
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    I think so too.
    Pocket goodies is how I started.
  7. Kenny Sammut

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    I agree with all the posts and will add - join a coin club. As a YN, who has very few friends who collect coins, going to my first coin club meeting help my love for the hobby grow. I am now a member of five local clubs and several more around the country. As an ANA member and representative, I also have to add, join the ANA.
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    I was started by an old friend of mine who is 96 when I met him at the donut shop and every time I stop by and have a chat with him and he reminded me with my first collection of $20 British Virgin Island coins that I bought 10 years ago. After that discussion, I started buying my first U.S. coin set thru the Franklin Mint and then moved on to US mint. The hobby can be very expensive depending what you buy and now I'm only focusing on Washington Clad Quarters from 1965 to 1998.

    It is enjoyable as the quarters are still in circulation and I'm able to acquire it at cost. My kids are being introduced to coin collecting and my son is more interested than my daughter. All coins I collect are being stash for the next 30 years and will be handed down to them.

    Happy collecting.
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