Beginner needing help on how to find buffalo nickel value (non precious metal)

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Maserati27, Dec 10, 2019.

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    47B7D71A-ADAC-43E2-82C3-0BDDB7D8D808.jpeg 90A6150F-18B8-4B76-B8E6-2C76C2F1D82C.jpeg Ik the silver content is low but what makes this coin of value if it doesn’t have a precious metal. But just am learning along the way. Thank you for any tips.
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    Buffalo nickels have no silver content. The only 5 cent pieces with silver is the Jefferson War Nickels with a large mint mark on the reverse above Monticello. Coins like this are neat to collect and the Native American history about the coin can be an interesting thing to learn. Generally this coin would be sold in a cheap bin of coins at a show for 25 cents.
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    Thank u man
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  6. CoinBlazer

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    Of course, very happy to help.
  7. Randy Abercrombie

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    Like most coins, the intrinsic value is based more on desirability than on precious metal content. Desirability is generally a function of availability (how many were minted) and how attractive the piece is or the grade. Precious metal valuation tends to apply more to bullion strikes and gold coins.
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