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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Sulla80, May 11, 2024.

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    My latest coin of is one that I probably should post in World instead of ancient. CE 1695 is well past my usual range. This Ottoman coin from Istanbul / Constantinople just pulled me in not only with it's beauty but also it's scale at 16g and 39mm! It reminded me of Seljuk coins that also have great calligraphy.

    More to read about this coin here:

    Share your coins with great calligraphy or coins of the Ottoman Empire or anything else that you find interesting or entertaining.
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  3. cmezner

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    Not my usual area of collecting; but I do have one Ottoman coin:
    Abdülmecid I, Ottoman Sultan from 1839 to 1861. There are two requirements for proclaiming a Sultan, khutba and money issuance in the name of the Sultan. The first thing to be done is to make a tughra in his name. Tughra can be described as a signature of the Sultan and it was made unique for each Sultan.

    Sultan Abdülmecid I, AU 50 Kurush
    Qustantiniya (Constantinople mint), 1849 – 1850; Year 12; 1255 +12 -1= 1266

    12 mm, 3.575 g
    Friedberg 19; Ölcer 31.066; Pere 879; KM 678

    Ob.: سنه Toughra, 7 stars and RY within wreath.
    ١٢ "١٢" below toughra on Obverse:(12)
    Rev.: Legend (May he be victorious) Constantinople date 1255

    عز نصره
    ضرب في
    star above; all within wreath.

  4. Sulla80

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  5. Croatian Coin Collector

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    Ottoman Gold Sultani of Suleiman I (minted in Aleppo either in 1520 or 1521):


  6. GinoLR

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    Large silver coins were in favor in 17th-18th c. Europe. 39 mm is the size of a French Louis XIV silver écu, for example.
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