Beachy Head Hoard

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Egry, Jul 14, 2020.

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    Here are my two denarii from the Beachy Head Hoard. One of Balbinus and another of Pupienus both minted in Rome in 238 AD during the year of the six emperors. Both coins found in 1964 within the same coin hoard in Sussex England,

    I would like to believe they were most likely minted in Rome at the same time, shipped to Britannia in the same chest, and buried along with over 3,000 others by one of the first ancient romans to receive them as change (purely speculation of course).

    Does anyone have a coin from the same hoard, or possibly info on the find? The information I have come across has been scant to say the least.

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  3. El Cazador

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    I am not sure if these are from the same hoard as yours, but here are my Pupienus & Balbinus
    799AA0E7-9FE1-4E1F-A38B-39BC269E6A24.jpeg 5217EC1B-00F9-4A1A-8DD2-2051D7B10C04.jpeg
  4. dltsrq

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    I used to own this antoninianus of Tetricus I from the first Beachy Head hoard. The 1961 Beachy Head hoard of 5,294 late Roman antoniniani was found with pottery fragments near Bullock Down, East Sussex, England in 1961. Details of the hoard were published by R.H.M. Dolley and M.A. O'Donovan in the Numismatic Chronicle for 1962. The second Beachy Head hoard consisting of 3,173 silver coins was found only a few yards from the first hoard and was published by R.A.G. Carson in the Numismatic Chronicle for 1968:
  5. Egry

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    Thank you for sharing. I’ve been out of university for so long that I’m not sure if my JSTOR account will still work.
  6. dltsrq

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    Even without an account, jstor now allows a certain number of free "read online" views per month.
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  7. Egry

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    Perfect. I’ll give it a try.
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