barber quarter with a story

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by serdogthehound, Feb 6, 2023.


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  1. serdogthehound

    serdogthehound Well-Known Member

    My family mined in the klondike for close to 40 year one day (before I was born ) my dad found this…

    DCFB7B11-6F01-43BD-B08C-7A08D4418862.jpeg 736D6190-32E8-48E7-9AF3-644140A4754A.jpeg DCFB7B11-6F01-43BD-B08C-7A08D4418862.jpeg
    It’s a pretty cool coin given that it would have been brand new when the gold rush started (could have come up with an original stampeder but could have also come up in the 1960’s) the coin is priceless to me given it memories of growing up summer in a Klondike Gold Mine but I would put the grade as a VG/F with perhaps details (placer mining separates gold from dirt by shaking and washing it ) . It currently lives in a CIBC flip that came from the bank Robert Service worked in
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  3. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer A Caretaker, can't take it with me

    Very cool story to go with your Barber quarter.

    Just an observation, from someone who's not a Barber expert. That MM is really far out of position from all the other MM's on Barber $.25 I've seen.
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  4. ToughCOINS

    ToughCOINS Dealer Member Moderator

    I think that's how they come for 1897-S

    KBBPLL Well-Known Member

    There is a "centered S" from a single die (centered between R and D), quite scarce. The far right S was used from 1893-1897 and I think they were all from reusing 1893 dies.
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  6. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q Well-Known Member

    Memories are great aren't they. Thanks for sharing!
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  7. paddyman98

    paddyman98 I'm a professional expert in specializing! Supporter

    Neat story and neat Barber..

    I usually find mine Metal Detecting. Found this one 2 weeks ago.
    Capture+_2023-02-09-15-16-35.png Capture+_2023-02-09-15-16-10.png
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  8. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    I sincerely hope your family found more on that claim than an old Barber.........(devil) :)
  9. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    Nice, semi-key date
  10. KeviniswhoIam

    KeviniswhoIam Well-Known Member

    I enjoy the story! Oddly, I had a great uncle who went to Alaska to pan for gold in the late 1800”s, sent one nugget back and gave it to my grandma, and was never heard from again…..boy, I would love to hear his whole story.
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  11. Eric Babula

    Eric Babula Active Member

    I voted one way hoping that you'd send it to me!, but actually think it's a cool coin and great story! And, I'm pretty certain that it's a keeper for you! Thanks for sharing!
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