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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Nicholas Mullen, Feb 18, 2020.

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    My Wells Fargo bank gives boxes of dimes, quarters, and nickels away for free, 50 cent boxes you need to pay their premium for. Only certain banks in my town do it. The best thing to do is call around and ask them if they have or can get them ???. I also found that the smaller branches are more friendly. The bigger banks ask you if you have a business account and will ask for that number.
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  3. Fair point. I have a local credit union I could call ahead. I tried calling wells fargo but the bankers never picked up the call and i was sent to the corporate center number.
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    Now it's March. Any luck?
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    I don't go into my bank often, but when I do, I ask if they have any half dollars and the answer is usually "No". Sometimes I get a roll or two and sometimes find some silver. As far as the dump, I'm kind of embarrassed to take them back, so I try to spend them. Recently I found my LCS (Local Coin Shop) has a counting machine and will exchange as a service for their customers.
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