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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Nicholas Mullen, Feb 18, 2020.

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    I was a bartender for 15 years, and I also worked at a couple of resort hotels in my younger days. I've got news for you. The customer isn't always right. ~ Chris
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    First of all, tellers are replaceable: by machines or the next $2-above-minimum wage hire. If one gives you an answer you dislike, ignore them and ask another. A teller can be your best friend in coin roll hunting, but if they are not helpful, consider them disposable and move on.

    If you have exhausted all teller options at that branch, ask to speak to the manager and DEMAND a box as part of you being a customer there and choosing their bank out of all the options available.

    If the manager refuses, either escalate it beyond his $10-over-minimum-wage-head, or choose to try another branch of the same company. Then, be sure to punish the first, recalcitrant bank by dumping all of your future half dollars to the teller who most disrespected you.

    Of course, this is all assuming you actually run thousands of dollars of check deposits, credit card purchases, and/or a mortgage or other money making loan through them. If you are just some schlub with a free account that has a few dollars in it, I'd tell you off to.
  4. Unfortunately it's not 1972, and can gladly take business elsewhere, it isnt about me being right, it's about the treatment of others, I treat you with respect and vis versa, but assuming I'm going to go into the bank, and expect them to order me coins, is uncouth, judgemental, and bad for business. If you dont want customers coming back, then by all means, be as smug as you please, but dont expect me to stay. I didn't ask them to go into the back and check, i didn't badger, I simply asked if they had any half dollars or dollars. As stated, if people came to me asking for a room, as a person selling rooms, it's my job. Sometimes I feel it is a lack of work ethic, and apathy towards people to provide quality service. If it were a true american quality services, I'd have an account at the post office, and order coins as I please, but unfortunately yuppies of the 80s decided we didnt need to have checking accounts at the post office, because that would be so inconvenient.... the point still stands, I'm giving them money and they use it to give loans, and its US currency. I dont mind policy, I dont mind denial, I mind obstinate and unjustified rude behavior, and again only simply asking for small advice, not a lecture on how awful I am for asking a teller for a a small favor and few SECONDS of her time, and the assumption of box dumping is downright disheartening to people wanting to truly respect and practice this hobby.
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  5. I pay for my account and own a savings in the bank as well, have always been considerate and sure I dont own millions but they make money off me nonetheless. nor do I want to dump any sort of coinage on anyone, I simply wanted a yes, we do or no we dont. I'd rather not go through a hullabaloo over coins, as there is no point to getting mad over something I'm financially not prepared for. It isnt the fact that I wanted to even order a box of coins, just wanted a simple answer to a question. I dont want to make someones life hard, but I don't want my life any harder eithe .
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  6. And I dont understand why you would want to tell anyone off over a simple question. Personally sounds like people who dont want to do a job. And in my eyes everyone's a schlub, regardless of how much money you have in an account, I treated you with respect, and I deserve the same.
  7. cpm9ball

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    It seems that you presume to know what sort of day or week or month the teller had! I don't consider that treating her with respect. ~ Chris
  8. myownprivy

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    Let me just edit this to say that: Chase, BofA, WellsFargo should have no problem ordering for you as a customer.

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  9. spirityoda

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    Like someone said before most banks can't do it for free. Ordering boxes is not free. It costs the bank to get them in. Work something out with the bank manager.
  10. And they dont know the day I had, but i STILL treated her with respect with none given. The woman next to her was polite and tried to give me advice but blasè attitude is no way to treat a customer. At this point that's a debate not on coin collecting but personal opinion. I didnt suggest anything to anyone and projected myself as friendly with a smile and asked how there day was. I didnt badger or complain to them, but it seems somehow this will still be my fault, so personally I cant consider your opinion.
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  11. That's understandable and wouldnt be an issue. The issue was she just was completely obtuse towards me and told me they didnt order boxes when I never asked. Again I personally dont want to invest in a box that I dont have room for. I just simply would have liked a simple yes or no, and I would have left happy and on the search for more coins elsewhere. But it seems others feel somehow I was intending to buy boxes to then go dump them when I was done, which fine tone disgraceful to presume such from someone.
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  12. cpm9ball

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    Riiiiight! Instead of discussing it with someone in a position to respond immediately to your gripe, you take the easy way out and complain here. That sounds logical!
    ~ Chris
  13. All I asked was for pointers on where to look for roll hunting and where I should start, not to be cherry picked on how well I treated some random person, this isnt the place for that discussion. This is about coins, not the moral subjectivity of counter clerks. I'm not going to assume a bank manager is wanting to hear about me grasping over rolls of coins, all I wanted was a bit of advice. It seems illogical to assume I'm here just to complain about the teller when in reality im just trying to find out how to start off. Your age is not very well represented
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  14. cpm9ball

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    Horsehockey! You wanted to whine somewhere, and you thought you'd get away with it here. If you want rolls of coins, pay a premium and order them from the US Mint. That's what serious collectors often do! I'm done! ~ Chris
  15. And you started off this discussion about how awful I was to someone you dont know and never met me or the teller. I didnt come to grips, I came to get valuable discussion on how to properly coin roll hunt, not to be talked down to by some patronizing coin forum warrior about how well I need to respect others. Presuming I'm somehow going to box dump, when I never mentioned even buying boxes. Out of all the lessons you learned in life you never learned this simple one, dont generalize everyone into your preconceived notions about someone based on a simple post.
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  16. You could have said that from the beginning instead of having an attitude and generalizing me into again your own preconceptions. If had known that I wouldnt be asking here, especially you of all people. And I never once stated im a expert or serious coin collector, im new. I'll consider myself new until ice leaned as much as I can until I feel comfortable calling myself a serious collector. I think you take yourself too serious.
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    Nah! I wanted to see how far you'd shove your foot down your throat. ~ Chris

    Now, I've put you on "Ignore".
  18. I think all you like to do is antagonize people, and need to take your head out of your rear end.the only one acting this way, is you.
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  19. Thank god, that's probably the best thing you could have done in this entire discussion, if you had done that in the first place, the world would have been a more beautiful place .
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    This is what I would tell them.
    Go directly to the regional manager.
  21. Thata a fair point. Maybe I should go for a larger bank, I went to TD, which is moderate but not huge.
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