Bank teller code of ethics?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Delmer, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Delmer

    Delmer New Member

    I stopped in to a bank to clean them out of halves, and found it curious that the teller sat and informally scanned each one, front and back before giving me ALL BUT ONE saying "my dad would want this one".

    grrrrrrrr.. I was polite.. nothing I can do I guess.. it's not like I had posession of them YET... but cripe.. you KNOW what I'm getting them for lady!!!

    There was a 1949 Franklin in the pile.. but I gather the liberty is in her dad's hands about now.

    Has anyone noticed the teller looking through them first?? Once, long ago, a teller reluctantly handed me 5 silver halves when I asked for them. She said "these came in today, we have to give them up if a customer asks but at the end of the day I was taking them". I like that system MUCH better.
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  3. Magman

    Magman U.S. Money Collector

    In my mind, if they want it, they should switch it out with their money right away, if not, its yours for the taking.

    she should have taken the liberty out, before you decided you wanted them.
  4. rotobeast

    rotobeast Old Newbie

    I'd merely ask the bank president if it was commen practice for the tellers to pick through all of the currency.
    If he said yes, I'd pretend that I was a long time customer and yell at the top of my lungs that I was going to close all of my accounts, the bank was a fraud, and it probly wasn't even FDIC insured.
    Sure, the staff would know you were full of it, but the rest of the customers would panic.
    After seeing the faces of the other customers, the president would do whatever it took to make you happy and restore faith to his regulars.
    I use this type of tactic when shopping for new appliances.
  5. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    Maybe in Kansas. This would get you locked up in any bank I've been at. Screeming does not happen in a bank unless you want security guards cuffing you.

  6. Delmer

    Delmer New Member

    Now I feel like I should have spoken up, Magman.

    Ruben, Yes it's a different world. This teller was 50 at least though.. suprisingly. it USED to be the consumers who drove the economy.. and legitimate complaining got you somewhere. Nowadays, places like Banks and airlines don't have to stand for unruley customers. Heck, when I wouldn't let the geek at BEST BUY have my email address, he said I couldn't get the discount without providing it. I said I'd buy elsewhere and he said that I should.. I went to the manager and she backed up the geek. I don't think EITHER was over 18. They see no issues with putting their lives on facebook.

    I can hear my mom.. "go write a letter".

    We are a small town.. I'd hear about it an hour after it was received from a PTO mom.
  7. tdm

    tdm New Member

    i have one for you what if you ordered a box from thier vault and when it came in to the bank they went through it looking for the silver. would you consider this theft? or do you think it is ok for them to pre search your box of halfs that you had them order?
  8. Magman

    Magman U.S. Money Collector

    I wouldnt worry too much.
    Next time though, if that happens, just say "pardon?"
    and have her explain, then you can tell her its not very nice.
  9. Twiggs

    Twiggs Coin Collector

    you should have said

    Hey LADY, I was here first!

  10. Shortgapbob

    Shortgapbob Emerging Numismatist

    I agree with this view.
  11. Twiggs

    Twiggs Coin Collector

    IMO..they are out of bounds and have no right
  12. rotobeast

    rotobeast Old Newbie

    I can see things being different in the larger cities.
    Although, if a rent-a-cop tried to cuff me, I'd show him that he wasn't the only one with "training".
    I would leave if asked, but if touched, I'd retaliate.
    If it were actually a reserve or normal police officer, I'd comply without fail.
    I just have this pet peeve with security guards.
  13. Delmer

    Delmer New Member

    Definetly agree. If I ORDERED it, it's RUDE of them at the least, unbusinesslike definetly, but technically I have not paid for it yet. That's a tough one. Someone should take a survey at banks and write it up.

    How hard is it to start our own bank? WHo's with me!? :p
  14. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

    see, this is what tweaks me off. If I had asked for those coins, and she/he/they started picking through them, I would ask them to stop, count them out without the detailed inspection and hand them over. If they picked some out, I'd tell them I wanted those too. It's a bank, they can't switch out currency at the window/counter. If they did, I'd have the branch manager there in no time. When I'm in a bank I'm there for a reason and usually it is change, and all the banks I frequent know it.
  15. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    ..Ask for a manager maybe?
    .. call or send an email to the bank.

    Basically banks treat coin people really poorly, they act like they are doing us the greatest favor in the world just look into the vault, they are sooooooooo put off by it, if they do it at all.
  16. codydude815

    codydude815 Wannabe coin dealer

    cept then there would be no silver at all, you gotta think, a bank run by coin collectors..... hmmmm......
  17. Delmer

    Delmer New Member

    I've already got the retaliation planned. I have 700 Adams coins to deposit at some point. I've been trying to spare the tellers and I have been spending them slowly. The last batch of 800 Washingtons I returned were wrapped in the original rolls. Since they changed the rule, I don't have to write my account number on the rolls (I guess so no one else gets a roll with your account number on it) and the teller just took the pile of rolled coins and said "no, I'm not counting them, I am going to send them back" (back to the distributor I gather). I've been taking these 1000 boxes from one bank, and returning them to another so as to not tick off the tellers who GIVE me the boxes. Maybe I'll go cheeze her off sometime.

    Well, that ws fun to write.. I won't do it though.. I'm a yellow pacifist (although I too have "training" heh heh..)
  18. Delmer

    Delmer New Member


    heh.. yeah.. that wouldn't work so well. I'd be the guy in the vault with 5 inch fingernails and a potty and TV.
  19. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    Beware of a Barney Fife. :)
  20. mralexanderb

    mralexanderb Coin Collector

    Plan Ahead

    I agree with BQ. When I was told they had no rolls of halves in the vault the manager/supervisor offered to get me all the halves in the tills. I would have expected ALL the halves but I just told her there weren't enough to bother. They did an oral count and it didn't seem worth it at the time. Now, I think I should have bought all their halves because maybe some of the tellers were hoarding them for themselves. Next time...another strategy.
  21. Ardatirion

    Ardatirion Où est mon poisson

    Originally Posted by Magman
    In my mind, if they want it, they should switch it out with their money right away, if not, its yours for the taking.

    she should have taken the liberty out, before you decided you wanted them.

    I second that opinion. If I were to work at a bank, I'd swap out any good coins first chance I got. But to withhold them in front of the customer? Ridiculous.

    Although, on a similar note, a bank once refused to give my father change for a 50 dollar bill, simply because he wasn't a member.
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