Bank of Upper Canada - Halfpenny Token Date Set - St George Dragon

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    The Bank of Upper Canada token halfpennies (and pennies) were issued to help with a severe coin shortage in provincial Canada. The tokens were issued dated with only 4 years: 1850, 1852, 1854, and 1857. All of the 1850 tokens and part of the 1852 tokens were struck by the Royal Mint, whereas the other part of the 1852 tokens, and all of the tokens of 1854 and 1857 were struck by the Heaton Mint. The Royal Mint tokens were struck with medallic alignment, whereas the Heaton Mint issues were struck in coin alignment.

    I purchased my first of these halfpenny tokens in 2013, and have been following and slowly working on a date set since then. After 7 years of patience, I have completed the short date set of 4 pieces. Note my 1852 token is a Heaton example struck in coin alignment. I have also purchased a couple "duplicates" over the years - so I have two examples from 1854 and 1857.

    My main short set:

    A couple duplicates:
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  3. ddddd

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    They all look superb!

    Is the 1852 Royal Mint harder to find or have you just not run into the ideal example for your set yet?
  4. spirityoda

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    Amazing collection. Awesome grades too. I have never seen this type in such high grades.
  5. brg5658

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    I just wanted one per date. I don’t really consider the two variants of the 1852 to be a high priority.
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  6. Bill in Burl

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    I have a few dozen of or more them, but none in any semblance to mid-60's MS that you have. Along with my Vicky large cents, I prefer AU and XF+ coins, because of the history with having been in people's hands. All my collections are raw and I don't do any TPG cert'ing. I think that the majority of my 50 so are 1857, but have the other dates. Congrats on your collection .. it must have taken a while to find them in that shape ... F to VF+ are very common but, above that, they get fairly scarce and I've seen only a handful in 30 years above 63.
  7. Mountain Man

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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing the info and the photos. I find that medallic and coin orientation most interesting.
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