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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by RedRaider, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. RedRaider

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    I travel a lot for my job and this last week I was in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and when I have a few extra minutes, I try to find a coin shop to waste away an hour or two. I visited two shops in Ann Arbor and this is what I came away with.

    Shop 1: In downtown Ann Arbor I found an Antique shop that also sold coins. It was mostly antiques with a small display case of coins. I rummaged through his red box of IHC 2x2s and found these three coins which I bought for $136. He obviously did not know much about varieties.

    He did not even have a greysheet, which told me that he did not really care about what things were worth, just as long as he made a buck or two over what he bought them for.

    The 1886 is UNC and will be sent in for grading. The 1897 is a VG/F S1, "1 in neck", and the 1869 is the S-3 overdate. It has some obv scratches on it, but it completes my set, so I am happy.

    69.jpg 1886 obv.jpg 1886rev.jpg 1897 s1.jpg

    I think I did pretty well.

    Shop 2: Bought an VF/EF 1886 type 2 and three used Dansco albums for $20. Sorry, no pics of the type 2 yet, but it has 2.5 diamonds visible. There is some very minor corrosion going on on the reverse, but it is still a tough coin for what I paid.
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  3. chip

    chip Novice collector

    Good job!
  4. Hobo

    Hobo Squirrel Hater

    You did well! That's what cherrypicking is all about.

    I wouldn't be so hard on the storeowner. He is not a coin dealer - he is an antique dealer who also sells a few coins. He cannot be expected to be an expert on IHC varieties. And I would not expect a storeowner like him to subscribe to the Grey Sheet.
  5. protovdo

    protovdo Resident Whippersnapper

    I love that '86. I don't collect IH pennies, but I do appreciate the variety of tones they offer.
  6. Fall Guy

    Fall Guy Member

    Nice! I've done very well at "Antique shops" in the past.
  7. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    I don't have very many IHCs but that 1886 is a coin worth owning!
  8. JCB1983

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  9. protovdo

    protovdo Resident Whippersnapper

  10. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    Nice pickups.
  11. coleguy

    coleguy Coin Collector

    RedRaider...any chance you're from PA? (in reference to the name)
  12. RedRaider

    RedRaider Well-Known Member

    Nope....the name comes from my college mascot....Texas Tech.
  13. MVC

    MVC Senior Member

    Very nice!
  14. bradarv90

    bradarv90 Member

  15. jhinton

    jhinton Active Member

    Nice score on that 1897!
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