WTS: August 21 US & World Coin & Currency Auction (TONS of new stuff!)

Discussion in 'Auction Listings' started by stldanceartist, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. stldanceartist

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    Hello again, and good morning!

    I have another auction coming up on August 21, 2022 - so far I'm at 666 lots and counting (have a ton of 1950's mint sets, more modern proof sets, limited edition sports themed silver rounds left to add this weekend.)

    Lots and lots of new items (stuff never before listed) along with some leftovers from previous auctions. Silver dollars, commemoratives, walking liberty halves, proof and mint sets, a bunch of colorized Chinese coins, world coins & world silver, bust and seated halves, type coins, silver certificates, foreign currency, tokens, and more!

    Literally something for everyone - and I will be adding more this weekend (so check back on Monday/Tuesday, I should be done adding by then.)

    Thanks, and good luck!

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