AD: [AuctionZip] Memorial Day Coin, Currency, Exonumia, and Jewelry Auction - 750 lots

Discussion in 'Auction Listings' started by stldanceartist, May 24, 2020.

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    Please join me for the Memorial Day Coin, Currency, Exonumia, and Jewelry Auction. I've got about 750 lots running in two rings starting tomorrow morning. (I'll do my best to combine shipping between the two rings.) Tons of items starting at $1 (lowest opening bid) all the way up to a $6k coin starting at $4500. US and World Coins, Mint Sets, silver, bags of mixed world coins and tokens starting cheap, a few big mixed lots, graded coins, raw coins...just lots and lots of stuff.

    Buy 747 lots or just one - I don't care as long as you pay for your stuff!

    Register to bid through AuctionZip here: Ring 1 (500 lots)and Ring 2 (247 lots)

    Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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