AD: [AuctionZip] June 7 US & World Coin, Currency, Exonumia, and Jewelry Auction (850 items!)

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    Where: AuctionZip/Invaluable (online only)
    When: June 7 (this coming Sunday)
    Auction Links: Ring 1 (500 lots; starts at 11 am CST) and Ring 2 (344 lots; starts at 12:15 pm CST)

    What's in it:
    Well, new items include some fun Buffalo Nickel/Lincoln Cent/Standing Liberty Quarter/Kennedy Half die varieties (RPM's and Doubled Dies) including some cool 1983 LMC DDO (doubled dates and doubled LIBERTY varieties); I added some vintage silver art rounds, nicer world coins, cheap world coins, plenty of Third Reich pieces, tokens, tokens, tokens including encased and smashed cents, bags of mixed tokens, bags of mixed coins, 25 POUNDS of mixed world coins and tokens, medals/medallions, graded coins, sterling silver jewelry pieces, UNC early date Franklin Half Dollars, Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters, toners, proofs...even a set of copy stand lights with extra halogen bulbs.

    Just...a TON of stuff.I'm really trying to pare down my collection here, so I appreciate each and every sale - that's one more thing I can pass on to someone else's collection (plus make room for new items, potentially.) I don't really care how many things you buy - as long as you pay for your stuff! :)

    Note: here's something fun - the person who ends up buying the most items (counted by number of lots won) will get their order shipped free of charge, no matter how much it costs me. I have a TON of stuff starting at $1, so there are plenty of cheap items that need new homes!

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