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    Hello everyone. Having what is possibly my biggest sale ever on eBay: 21 lots. I have a good selection of Roman, Greek, and Byzantine coins going on the auction block. Some highlights are a giant 70 gram Ptolemaic bronze from the 3rd cent BC, a lovely billon tetradrachm of Hadrian with Serapis, a silver nomos from Taras, Calabria featuring Palalanthos riding a dolphin (which graces modern Taranto’s coat of arms), and a very fine and well preserved Byzantine trachy of Alexios from the 12th/13th century.


    All lots start at $0.99 and all are 7 days, ending next Sunday 10/13 (13/10) between the times of 9:30 PM EST (first auction) and 11:10 PM (last auction). I also ship international (please check before bidding if your country/territory allows importation of ancient/medieval coins; I will cancel and void any bids/purchases from bidders who live in countries that restrict this in any way). Combined shipping at no additional cost; just wait for my adjusted invoice to pay.

    Any questions/corrections to listings are welcome. Thanks for looking and good luck if you bid!

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