Ebay: Auctions: 1876-CC, 1857, & 1861 quarters; Roman & Byzantine coin lot; Imperial Russian coin lot

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    Hello. The 1876-CC Seated Liberty quarter looks to me like a Fine, the 1857 around Very Fine, and the 1861 between a F and VF details (has some scratches and marks, and is slightly bent). But please be your own judge on grading based on the photos in the listings.

    The coins in the two lots are well-circulated in general, but can make a nice gift for a new collector. The Russian coin lot includes an 1876 5 kopeks, 1878 1 kopek, 1910 1 kopek; and the ancient coin lot has the following:
    2x Constans II follis, Arcadius/Honorius AE3, Justinian pentanummium, Constantius Gallus AE3, Julian or Jovian AE3.

    Auctions start at $0.99 and run 7 days until next Sunday 12/6 between the times of 9:30 PM and 9:50 PM EST (6:30-6:50 PST). I combine shipping for multiple auctions won. Thanks for looking.


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