Auction wins received- after 3 tries and 2.5 months

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Parthicus, Jun 15, 2024.

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    Today (June 15) I finally received two coins that I won at an auction at the beginning of April. So, about 10 days after the auction's close, I received a package from the auction firm. I opened the envelope, carefully opened the inner packaging, and... was confused. There were three coins, and they were completely different from what I had won in the auction. (They were 19th century coins, two from Portuguese India and one from Cambodia. Not bad coins, but not what I had won and not really my main collecting interests.) Finally, my brain put together a sensible explanation: The auction company had accidentally sent me someone else's wins (and presumably sent them mine). So, I emailed what seemed to be the right address at the company with my story, no response after two business days. I then tried another address at the company, and apparently this was the address I should have used, as I received a very speedy response. Yes, they had gotten two shipments mixed up and had already heard from the other unfortunate collector. They emailed me a prepaid shipping label, and I mailed the incorrect coins back to the auction firm.

    After some more time passed, I received an email from the auction house containing a USPS tracking number for my new, corrected package. I checked every day, watching it travel across the country, until finally it was listed as "Out for Delivery" in my zip code, and I waited to see it "Delivered". But the package then suddenly made a detour to a nearby location (whose zip code is different by one digit), was marked "Unable to deliver- no forwarding address", and was then returned to sender. This is the most mysterious step in the whole story- why was the package so close to being correctly delivered to me, but then made this bizarre detour and boomerang back to the shipper? (The auction company has, and had, my correct address on file, and I assume they printed it from that file onto the label instead of hand-writing it and risking making a typo that could result in misdelivery. I am very sure that the problem in this round was due to the post office.)

    So, I wrote back to the auction house, and they agreed to send the coins yet again, after confirming my address with me. I again eagerly checked the progress online, until today, when- success! The package actually arrived safely in my mailbox, and I have my two coins in hand, and will post them later with full write-ups. (Just briefly, they are a Samanid silver multiple dirham and a bronze of Chinghiz Khan from the rather obscure site of Shafurqan.)

    Anyway, mostly just wanted to vent my frustration at how long it too to get my coins. Has anyone else experienced something like this, particularly if (like my case) it did not involve any international shipping? Any other shipping horror stories (that ended well) you feel like sharing?
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    Glad it finally worked out well for you @Parthicus look forward to seeing them and your write ups.
  4. tibor

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    Glad you got them. Waiting to see pictures of the bronze
    Chingiz Khan.
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  5. ZoidMeister

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    Similar story. My package crossed the US three times from a poorly handwritten label (California to Georgia).

    Mine arrived empty as the coin was placed loose in a bubble wrap envelope. Envelope was beat to death with the bottom ripped open.

    Sad outcome all around.

    Never bought from that seller again. He was a notable figure in the US Numismatic community as well.

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