,,..auction irregularities with Heritage....

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by princeofwaldo, Sep 10, 2014.

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    Heritage has always been pretty helpful with me and everything I've gotten from them was nice. I've found the ancients can go pretty low there, probably because there aren't as many collectors as there are in the EU, etc.

    I *have* gotten some surprise bids where I think I put a "secret max" down, the item had a reserve that was higher apparently, and thus didn't sell. They contacted me after asking if I'd still take the offer and I said "yeah!" Then the invoice showed that the payment was going to be late and I needed to change the shipping address (they had my old address on file). I did so with a bit of difficulty, but I understand they want to prevent scams.

    I'd be surprised if they did this purposely. I agree the system is a bit flakey; they probably just need a better design/development team.
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  3. V. Kurt Bellman

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    Honestly, up until this year's ANA catalog mountain, my SB account was only a Teletrade legacy, and all I used it for was browsing. This year there was one piece in the 7000's series I had to have and I lost in the last 30 seconds, just like on eBay.
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    I've had similar experiences to geek on the SB site. They have made some changes for the better when it comes to navigation. After my last auction win on SB, I completed their customer service survey. I was very frank with them about the operation of their website. Let's hope they continue to fix the bugs.
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    Leave the horses out of your punny business. ;)
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