Ebay: Auction for Ostrogoth/Gepid quarter-siliqua

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    Hi everybody. Up for auction is a scarce 1/4 siliqua from the Ostrogths (or the Gepids). The obverse depicts the Eastern Roman emperor Anastasius, and the reverse has Ostrogothic king Theodoric/Theoderic's personal monogram. This type honors the Roman emperor and Roman civilization as a whole, as part of an overall effort to recognize the supremacy of the Roman Empire by the Ostrogoths, who nominally ruled Italy in the name of the emperor but were in practice an independent kingdom. This general type is attributed to both the Ostrogoths and the Gepids; both controlled Sirmium at different points, but the Gepid issues are usually cruder than the Ostrogothic ones. Due to the better, more official style of this one, I am confident that this particular example is Ostrogothic. These types often have a piece broken off and this one is no exception, but it still makes a decent, affordable addition to someone that collects late antiquity/early medieval.

    Bidding starts at $0.99. I ship first class U.S. and international. Auction ends next Sunday the 15th 9:15 PM EST. Thanks for looking!


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