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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Marshall, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I have already attributed this to my satisfaction, but it is a close call. I would appreciate independent attribution since this makes the coin more verifiable as a variety than any single attribution by anyone. You may click the image to enlarge it.

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  3. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

  4. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I wish I knew. Dr. Maris' fanciful names are loads of fun, but I can only catch a few names here and there. Luna isn't one I can find.
  5. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

    I made that one up actually. Cause it looks like the moon.
  6. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    As far as I can tell, that's as good as any.
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  7. physics-fan3.14

    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes? Supporter

    It looks like it may be copper.
  8. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

  9. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I'm certain it is old copper...LOL!
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  10. bdunnse

    bdunnse Who dat?

    It's also round. ish.
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  11. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    It arrived today and there were no surprises. I believe it is the S-35 and called R5+ or about 31-45 known. It is a bit unusual because there are many known in the lower grades 1-6, but only 2 have occurred in the 7 sales in the Heritage database.

    The lowest grade there was VG10 (EAC 6) and sold for about $2400 three years ago.

    A F12 (EAC 6) sold for 1200 about ten years ago.

    A F20 (EAC 8) sold for for about $3000 ten years ago.

    A F20 (EAC VG10) sold for about $3800 four years ago.

    The other three sold from $28k to $65k for higher grade specimens.

    Even though this is probably a stretch to make EAC 2, I think I got a bargain at $230. It was 30 seconds away from under $100.

    It makes up for some of my mistakes.

    The reverse is pretty clear and is FR2 to AG3 details. The obverse is either B1 or Fr2 details.

    ps I set another price for the 1796 NC-4 last weekend at the Heritage Auction. I've been doing that a lot lately. But I don't really know if I was $10 away or $1000 from winning.
  12. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    Congrats Marshall!
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  13. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    S-146 Onv.JPG S-146 Rev.jpg Now a new one I picked up a few minutes ago. See if you know why.

    Attached Files:

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  14. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I picked this up this morning. It referenced a die break at Liberty, perhaps thinking it was the S-205. But I believe it to be the S-202 from the reverse. But when it comes in I'll check for the new mule (12N) improbability.

    Any thoughts or comments are always appreciated.

    S-202 Obv.jpg S-202 Rev.jpg
  15. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    On second look, it may be Reverse S.

    1800s are a tough year.


    1 closer to curl than hair above
    1 Blunt or pointed not evident to to wear
    B rotated right relative to I
    Second 0 distant from drapery.

    Right stem below intersection of ribbon and wreath.
    Fraction bar high and right and lower on right.
    Stem on berry under C points left
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  16. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    great thread, thanks
  17. Moekeever

    Moekeever Well-Known Member

    The 1800 large cent in lower grades is the hardest to identify. I struggle to correctly identify them and end up with a headache.
  18. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Based primarily on the rotated B, but with clash marks from Reverse Dentils above RTY where there is unusual wear on the subject coin, I'm leaning towards Obverse 14 of S-208. Obverse 18 of S-212 just doesn't have the rotation of the B.

    Checking the reverse of S-208 (Reverse R), I had eliminated it because there appeared to be no stem on the berry to the right of (ON)E. This may be wear or PMD. I see no other contrary evidence to this finding.

    So I believe I have an attribution of S-208. An R3 rather than the S-202 (R-4+) I suspected so I paid a bit too much. But the fun is worth the difference.
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  19. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    S-146 R-5
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  20. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    Yep. I couldn't believe the bidding was so sparse.

    I'll take all the $35 R-5s I can find in any condition.
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  21. Marshall

    Marshall Junior Member

    I just spotted another diagnostic for S-208. A feint die crack from the rim to just left of the serif at the foot of L and on to the hair below L. It can be seen on this coin as well as the Die State IV illustrated in Breen and owned by Robinson S. Brown, Jr. 9/1986.

    The obverse die attribution is now solid, but the lack of a stem on the berry right of ONE still bugs me.
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