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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by bruce levine, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    Ironically, in Cambodia they DEMAND crisp, new USD. Ironically, its more likely for a crisp bill to be counterfeit.

    However, for whatever reason Cambodians will ONLY accept USD (from foreigners, anyways) that is completely minty fresh. I tried to pay for a Angkor Wat ticket with a $10 that was slightly wrinkled and the lady stonewalled me until I was able to fish out a brand new one.

    What a joke.
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  3. mike estes

    mike estes Active Member

    i get consecutive numbered bills all the time. if you ever get consecutive bills that are star notes hang on to them. you may have something worth some money. good luck and welcome to Coin Talk
  4. Jim Dale

    Jim Dale Well-Known Member

    I wish there were 750, but, just 75. Just a type.
  5. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I should have known they could find a way to beat the pen.
  6. Clawcoins

    Clawcoins Well-Known Member

    that teller would become my best friend .....
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  7. Clawcoins

    Clawcoins Well-Known Member

    just a "typo" ?? or just a "type"
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  8. Jim Dale

    Jim Dale Well-Known Member

    Another "Typo." Would you believe that I was a Military Justice Court Reporter? All Records of Trial had to be letter perfect. In those days, the "Records of Trial" were typed on the blue mimeograph "paper" or "sheet". They had to be perfect, or I had to type them again, until I had a perfect sheet. Errors were corrected with a blue fluid that hardened and you could type over them again. Back then, I typed over 60 WPM on a manual typewriter. You can type a lot faster on the computer and most of the time, the computer would correct an error. "Typos" are a lot easier with spell check, unless the word or number is valid. I apologize to all that have been offended by my poor typing skill. Yes. I only had 75 $20 bills. And, yes, I meant to type "Typo".
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  9. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    I can't stop laughing. Not at you but just laughing at all of this.
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  10. Jim Dale

    Jim Dale Well-Known Member

    And to you for your thoughtfulness and wisdom.
  11. JPD3

    JPD3 Active Member

    Found a site listed in another coin group ( that produces 'funny money' that they say will fool the marking pen. These guys are based in the San Fran bay area according to the telephone area code. They sell fake foreign currencies also. I bet the Treasury Dept. has a guy camped out in their parking lot 24/7.
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