Aside From Coins, Do You Have Any Other Hobbies?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Aethelred, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. masterswimmer

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    @JoIke so what is that circular white jade used for?

    It is carved beautifully, but it's mysterious to me.
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  3. kaparthy

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    Well, yes, we are collectors. I also have four. One in its shipping carton in the garage and one in his carrying case on the floor. Then, there's the eyepieces... can't have enough of those.

    And if you do not collect things, do you collect targets, like the Messier 110 or binaries?
  4. JoIke

    JoIke Active Member

    LOL! @-jeffB

    Well, the lil' buddy wasn't a total loss, but its tiny tail and left foot were damaged during extraction...

    IMG_1862-001.jpg IMG_1863-001.jpg IMG_1864-001.jpg

    It was ingenious how this tiny custom-made nightlight was constructed in the early-20th C. with the maker using a tiny rod inserted into the base of the buddy so to function as the bulb. Amazing! Unfortunately, as a nightlight, totally useless and with "no true value" as such. So, deconstruction was/is a most in order to maximize and showoff the beauty of the stone(s).

    This wasn't may first surgery of the sort. A few years ago I had to preform the same to an early-20th C. box lid to extract this Ming Dynasty white jade belt plaque...

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  5. JoIke

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  6. JoIke

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  7. masterswimmer

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  8. JoIke

    JoIke Active Member


    The Bi is a type of circular Chinese jade artifact which originated in the Neolithic period (3400-2250 BC). Most are undecorated while disc from later periods have ornate surface carvings. The circular form represents heaven and was among the earliest religious symbols. The original function and significance is unknown...
  9. RD302

    RD302 Member

    Muscle Cars.
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  10. Since I got burned by 'eCove' dealer last year, haven't bought another coin. A friend brought over an old Hampden Power Supply in July and I have been hooked on my old hobby of 12 v gadgetry & power. A new Inverter and new Optima battery to go with it.
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  11. Clavdivs

    Clavdivs Supporter! Supporter

    I am sorry for your unfortunate experience.. your new hobby sounds amazing.. however if you ever get the bug again... talk to the right dealers and you may rekindle your passion for this hobby.. its wonderful just be patient.
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  12. Xodus

    Xodus Well-Known Member

    I like to fish. I live in NC (middle of it) and go to the beach or outer banks each month. Personally, it's my favorite hobby because I can just go and relax and not be bothered :)
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  13. JoIke

    JoIke Active Member

    This will most likely be my last post here within this thread, don't want to bore you all or take away from its purpose.

    I just wanted to share with you all may latest acquisition and yet another misidentified (as Victorian/Grand Tour Roman:jawdrop:) earlier version of the Ming Dynasty example just below it. I wish I had more knowledge or luck with ancient/antique coins to share with you all as I do with this "snuff". Hopefully, one day, I'll be lucky enough to obtain and share such coins. It's been one hell of a year this year picking and collecting objects within my favorite field (The Asian Arts). Great fun!

    IMG_1969-001.jpg IMG_1970-001.jpg IMG_0750-001.jpg IMG_0751-001.jpg
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  14. Numisnewbiest

    Numisnewbiest Well-Known Member

    Well, the thread title does say, "Aside From Coins...", so you're not taking away from anything - carry on with your Asian collectible posts!
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  15. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I'm not finding your posts the least bit boring or distracting. Please continue!
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  16. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer Well-Known Member

    The only thing your ceasing of posting in this thread would do is say you have nothing else to post. If that's not the case then please continue to post. I know I've been enjoying, and learning, from your posts.
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  17. JoIke

    JoIke Active Member

    Thank you all and @masterswimmer, I can post new acquisitions for days, as I am always buying (even if I have no idea on what the items are).

    Not of much value, but a piece that goes with my Ming theme is the incense tool vase below.

    IMG_2015-001.jpg IMG_2016-001.jpg

    Then there are items such as this below, I have no idea of the who, what, when, where, how, etc.

    What I do know, it's Asian (not sure from exactly where) old, hollow-cast bronze filled with lead and very heavy for its tiny size, quite possibly a weight(?). The base's shape and design reminds me of old Chinese coins.


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  18. JoIke

    JoIke Active Member

    And lastly, a piece I posted here for ID with 0 replies :( is, TBD. It's bronze, appears ancient and is some form of applique (similar to those miniature ancient Roman applique mask). But my guy's facial features don't look Roman to my eyes, more so that of a Sogdian(?) or............................................. as I said, TBD.

    IMG_9442-001.jpg IMG_9443-001.jpg IMG_9444-001.jpg IMG_9445-001.jpg IMG_9448-001.jpg IMG_9450-002.jpg
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  19. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer Well-Known Member

    A wall hanger to ward off evil spirits. Just a guess. Or maybe a newer creation made to look old, because of the hook in the back?
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  20. JoIke

    JoIke Active Member

    Too tiny for a wall hanger and that hook verso is actually called a lug. If you Google ancient Roman applique mask, you'll see many of them have this very similar hook (lug).
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  21. Dearborn

    Dearborn Above average collector - Is that an Error?

    I started another thread like this in the general talk area, not knowing that this one existed in the 'Ancient Coins' Area. didn't expect to see it or even look for it here.

    anyway, I'm into wood working working that drift wood when I can find it (I live in the desert) and other felled trees and branches. I'm also in the process of building the 'Cutty Sark' out of wood.

    wood-working.jpg wood-working1.jpg wood-working2.jpg wood-working3.jpg wood-working4.jpg wood-working5 in progress.jpg wood-working6 in progress.jpg Cutty-Sark-Hull1.jpg Cutty-Sark-Hull2.jpg Cutty-Sark-Hull3.jpg
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